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This article is about the Zandalari paladin organization. For the prelates as an occupation, see Prelate. For the title, see Alliance  [Council of Exarchs].
HordeZandalari prelates
Rastari Prelate.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif High Prelate Rata
Secondary leaders Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Prelate Kaj'ra †
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Character classes Paladin
Capital Dazar'alor
Base of operations Chamber of Rezan
Theater of operations Zandalar
  Formerly Isle of Thunder
Language(s) Zandali
Affiliation Rastari, Zandalari Empire
  Formerly Zandalari Invaders
Status Active

“De Light of de loa is all de strength I need.”

Ra'wani Kanae

The Zandalari prelates (or prelates of Rezan)[1] are an organization of Zandalari trolls paladins, also known as prelates, that served Rezan as the highest order of holy warriors to serve any loa. They do not have any openings or handouts, and their path is the elite, taking only those gifted from birth with prowess in battle and gifted by the loa, and crafting champions of light to defend the Zandalari Empire.[1] As such, they are a part of the faithful with the troll priests and druids, and therefore, among the most revered in Zandalari society.[2]

After the death of Rezan during the Zandalari civil war, the prelates were cut off from his power except for a handful of his followers. However, even with the Loa of Kings gone, his ideals remained. The prelates chose to lead those who are lost, and through their faith for the loa, to stand as a beacon of light against the darkness.[3] They are now dedicated to the service of Queen Talanji, who succeeded the late King Rastakhan, and was of great help to the holy warriors, reminding them of who they are and what they stand for.


Rezan the Loa of Kings.

Since the earliest days of the Zandalari Empire, the Loa of kings Rezan was the symbol of leadership and strength for the Zandalari peoples,[4] and the prelates are the holy warriors who serve him.

Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

In the wake of the mists vanishing around Pandaria, the prelates joined the Zandalari Invaders sent by Prophet Zul to conquer the continent and resurrect Lei Shen the Thunder King. On the Isle of Thunder, a number of them were stationed on the Lightning Promenade of the Throne of Thunder, awaiting the heroes of the Alliance and Horde to defeat them and prove their worth to the mogu.

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

At the time of the Fourth War, the prelates were still devoted as ever to the loa Rezan, led by High Prelate Rata who served as the "Will of Rezan", and ensuring the protection of King Rastakhan and the Zandalari Empire.[1] They are also members of the Rastari, the elite military group of the empire.

When Rezan was killed during the confrontation against the traitor Zul in Atal'Dazar,[5] the prelates were cut off from his power. Without the Loa of Kings, they began to despair as their life is one of devotion, and without him they don't know what to do and especially what they will become. However, a handful of prelates were able to keep any sort of their powers, but according to their leader Rata, they were considered as suspects for this.[1]

During the War Campaign, a number of prelates were stationed in the Fallen Outpost of Nazmir. In order to create a diversion for the siege of Dazar'alor, heroes of the Alliance were sent by Jaina Proudmoore to kill the prelated and Zandalari soldiers in the outpost.[6] The Alliance troops managed to repel them and take temporary control of the outpost.

During the Battle of Dazar'alor, a number of prelates were sent to protect the city and King Rastakhan from the Alliance invaders. Led by the Champion of Light Ra'wani Kanae, they were able to use holy magic through their faith for the loa, placing them among those who managed to keep their powers after the death of Rezan. Following the regicide of Rastakhan, the prelates served as the guards of the body during the King's funeral.[7]

When the time came for Talanji to succeed his father, High Prelate Rata and her prelates came to support her to undergo the rite of queens and kings.[8] However, dissidents led by the White Widow rose up in protest of a priest of Bwonsamdi becoming their queen,[9] and then created chaos among the priesthoods in the capital.[10] In response, Talanji and her allies evacuated the innocent priests and prelates from the Terrace of the Chosen,[11] and made the priests and prelates listen to reason, allowing them to bend the knee and live if they accepted to have been wrong and to remain faithful to the princess.[2] However not all chose to accept and instead fought to the death for their opinions, among them was Prelate Kaj'ra, the former second in command of the prelates and the ringleader of the current uprising in the holy order. Considering this to be heresy to their values ​​and duties, High Prelate Reta sent Horde adventurers to eliminate Kaj'ra and her followers.[12]

Following the ascension of Talanji, the prelates pledged themselves to the new Queen of the Zandalar Empire,[1] and Rata joined the new Zanchuli Council, in hope to serve as a voice of faith.[13]


Name Role Status
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Horde High Prelate Rata Leader of the prelates and member of the Zanchuli Council. Formerly the Will of Rezan. Alive
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Mob Prelate Kaj'ra Former second in command of Rata, ringleader of the uprising among the priesthood. Deceased
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Horde Ra'wani Kanae Champion who led the Zandalari troops as the first line of defense against the Alliance. Deceased
IconSmall Zandalari Male.gif Horde Prelate Akk'al Prelate who protected Dazar'alor during the siege of the city. Killable
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Horde Prelate Jakit Prelate who protected Dazar'alor during the siege of the city. Killable
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Horde Jemba the Radiant Prelate who fought the Alliance in Arathi Basin during the Brawl: Comp Stomp. Killable
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Neutral Prelate Za'lan One of the three bodyguards of King Rastakhan during the Battle of Dazar'alor. Killable
Name Role Status
IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Neutral Nolaki Apprentice of Ra'wani Kanae, she left the prelates to join the Tyr's Guard on the Dragon Isles. Alive

In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.

  • Immortal Prelate is an epic card for the Paladin class in the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. Her flavor text reads: "She protec. She attac. But most importantly, she come bac."

Notes and trivia

A Zandalari paladin on his [Crusader's Direhorn].
  • The prelates use the [Crusader's Direhorn] as their holy mount.
  • Before the death of Rezan, the prelates used to say that they draw their powers from the "light of Rezan".[1]
    • After Rezan's death, they mentioned the "light of the loa" or the "graces of the loa".[3][14]
  • During the Battle of Dazar'alor, Mathias Shaw was surprised to find that there are paladin trolls,[14] indicating that it is not common knowledge outside of the empire.