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Forlorn Ruins

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HordeForlorn Ruins
File:Forlorn Ruins.jpg
Type Ruins
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
Affiliation(s) Gob Squad
Location Northeastern Nazmir[82, 27]
Status Active

Forlorn Ruins is a set of ruins taken over by the Gob Squad in Nazmir.



  1. H [20-60] Getting the Message
  2. H [20-60] Rendezvous with the Libation
  3. H [20-60] No Goblin Left Behind & H [20-60] Revenge: Served Hot
  4. H [20-60] There Is No Plan "B", H [20-60] Pilfering and Fencing & H [20-60] Head of the Viper
  5. H [20-60] Field Evaluation
  6. H [20-60] Ready For Action

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