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HordeRazor Hill
Razor Hill.jpg
Type Town
Leader(s)  Gar'Thok[1]
  Formerly  Vol'jin †
Race(s) OrcOrc Orc
Jungle trollJungle troll Jungle troll
TaurenTauren Tauren
GoblinGoblin Goblin
Forest trollForest troll Forest troll
Language(s) Orcish, Zandali, Goblin,Taur-ahe
Affiliation(s) Nation of Durotar, Darkspear tribe, Tauren tribes
Location Central Durotar[54, 43]
Status Active

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Razor Hill is an orcish settlement built on a crossroads in central Durotar. The southern road eventually leads to Sen'jin Village and the Valley of Trials. The northern road leads to Orgrimmar, and the road west (now largely washed out by the Southfury Watershed) leads across the Southfury River to the Northern Barrens and eventually to the major Horde gathering point of the Crossroads. The Razor Hill Barracks is the single most prominent structure in the town. The town also has a burrow. Orgnil Soulscar is occupied with investigating the activities of the Burning Blade in the area. During the Darkspear Rebellion, Vol'jin captured the town from the Kor'kron and was using it to plan his attack.

Razor Hill is the major quest hub for those continuing from Sen'jin Village; after that players go to the Dranosh'ar Blockade.


The Kul Tiran ambush at Razor Hill.

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

Shortly after the Third War, the forces of Kul Tiras arranged a summit with Thrall at Razor Hill, which was just a hill. It was, in fact, a planned ambush. However, having speculated this, Rexxar insisted that he should go in Thrall's place. In turn, Rexxar defeated the assassins.

Far north of the hill, an outpost containing Gar'Thok and a barracks existed. It is speculated that the two locations were merged in lore and is the current Razor Hill. Alternatively, a new outpost could have been built on the hill.

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

During Garrosh Hellscream's reign as Warchief, he had his Kor'kron soldiers stationed at this town to protect the roads between Northern Barrens and Orgrimmar. When it was revealed that Vol'jin survived Garrosh's assassination attempt, through attacks on his supplies in the Barrens, Garrosh sent the Kor'kron to attack and destroy Sen'jin Village and all of their troll inhabitants.[2] When the Kor'kron failed in their attack and were driven away, they began regrouping at Razor Hill where they caged up anyone not willing to work with them, orcs included. But before the Kor'kron could fortify the town Vol'jin led his own army to take control of the town and push the Kor'kron out.

After this successful assault Vol'jin placed his base of operations at the Razor Hill Watchtower, where Baine Bloodhoof joined him and advised the troll leader to accept help from outside the Horde, due to the blood elves and Forsaken across the seas attending to other situations.[3]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Saurfang's rebels and the Alliance united in arms.

During the Fourth War, Alliance knowing that supplies passing between Orgrimmar and the Echo Isles had to pass through Razor set fire to the storehouses within the town.[4] Over the course of the war, the Horde split between Sylvanas Windrunner loyalists and Varok Saurfang's revolutionaries. As the Fourth War neared its end, the citizens of Razor Hill joined Saurfang in his revolution against Sylvanas. Thus with their cooperation, the Horde revolutionaries and the Alliance set up Razor Hill as their base camp from which they planned to strike at Orgrimmar. Though initially halted by Sylvanas's forces collapsing part of the canyon between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar, Gazlowe and Tinkmaster Overspark worked together and were able to breach the canyon.[5] With the pass free the combined armies marched out of Razor Hill towards Orgrimmar.

Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

During the Scourge's resurgence, the undead attacked Razor Hill.[6]

Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Razor Hill was where the orcs held their first Kosh'harg festival since their arrival to Azeroth.


Patch 5.4.0
Vol'jin says: Almost all of da troops be here now.
Baine Bloodhoof says: I am uneasy, old friend.
Vol'jin says: An me as well. We dun know what Garrosh been plannin this whole time. What he's got in store for us.
Baine Bloodhoof says: I fear for the safety of our people.
Vol'jin says: Not everyone gonna come out of this alive.
Baine Bloodhoof says: And for what? What did the Horde gain from such action? Garrosh is a fool, and a betrayer. I should have killed him long ago, when he betrayed my father.
Vol'jin says: You gonna get your chance mon. But first we gotta take da city.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Have you been communicating with the humans?
Vol'jin says: Both da alliance and da horde got ships sailin for da harbor. We gonna split der forces an assault da front gate.
Baine Bloodhoof says: A bold plan. Let us hope we do not run into any surprises.
Vol'jin says: I don't think we got a choice, mon.
Darkspear Headhunter
  • Ready to fight, mon?
  • Vol'jin be a true leader.
  • We be ready to take da fight to Garrosh.
Thunder Bluff Warrior
  • I'm honored to fight alongside of you, <name>!
  • The spirits will guide us in the coming battle.
  • We will defeat Garrosh and restore the Horde!

Flight paths



  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Wuark <Armor and Shieldcrafter>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Uhgar <Weaponsmith>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Grimtak <Butcher>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Ghrawt <Bowyer>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Flakk <Trade Supplies>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Jark <General Goods>
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Horde Cutac <Cloth and Leather Merchant>



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In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Razor Hill is a Horde-controlled town and one of the two major Horde outposts in Durotar. Its leader, Orgnil Soulscar, is occupied with investigating the Burning Blade.[7]


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