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This article is about the followers of the Primal Incarnates. For the Draenor plant beings, see Primal.
Koroleth and Primalist Ideologues.jpg
Main leader

Primal Incarnates

  Formerly IconSmall ProtoWater.gifIconSmall Vyranoth.gif Vyranoth
Secondary leaders IconSmall Kurog.gif Kurog Grimtotem †
IconSmall Eranog.gif Eranog †
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Koroleth †
Race(s) IconSmall ProtoAir.gifIconSmall ProtoEarth.gifIconSmall ProtoFire.gifIconSmall ProtoWater.gif Proto-dragon
IconSmall DrakonidRed2.gif Drakonid
IconSmall SpawnBlue2 Male.gifIconSmall SpawnBlue2 Female.gif Dragonspawn
OrcOrc Orc
TaurenTauren Tauren
Night elfNight elf Night elf
Jungle trollJungle troll Jungle troll
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
VulperaVulpera Vulpera
HumanHuman Human
GnomeGnome Gnome
NightborneNightborne Nightborne
IconSmall Centaur2 Male.gifIconSmall Centaur2 Female.gif Centaur
IconSmall Furbolg2.gifIconSmall FurbolgPrimal.gif Furbolg
IconSmall TarasekGreen.gif Tarasek
Base of operations Unknown
  Formerly Harrowsdeep
Theater of operations Dragon Isles
  Formerly Ancient Kalimdor
Sub-group(s) Flightless
Affiliation Independent
Status Active

The Primalists are the followers of the Primal Incarnates, ancient proto-dragons that chose to side against the titans and the Dragon Aspects. They recruit people by offering them elemental powers.[1] The Primalists have been known to reshape the land, whether by lava[2][3] or by ice, like at the Flashfrost Enclave. They also steal dragon and proto-dragon eggs in order to infuse them with elemental energies and turn them to their side. They have also been known to transform furbolgs by giving them bodies of hardened stone.[4]

Besides their hatred for the titans and their dragon loyalists, they also oppose the Kirin Tor, thinking they deserve death for using arcane magic.[5] The dragonspawn and drakonid who rejoined the Primalists did it because they felt displaced by the return of the dragons.[6] To help with their war, they summoned various elementals from the Elemental Planes through elemental gateways.[7]

The Primalist Future in Thaldraszus is an example of what they strive to achieve; a primal world of ice, earthquakes, and fire.


War of the Scaleborn

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Primalists in ancient times, as seen in Legacies.

While the titans uplifted the Dragon Aspects and their dragonflights, a group of ancient proto-dragons refused their gift, believing that dragonkind should remain unchanged by Order magic and should instead choose to return to their roots and embrace their inherent elemental energies. Despite all the work that the Aspects and their dragonflights had accomplished since their creation,[8] these "Primalist" proto-dragons joined together and demanded that Keeper Tyr be exiled from the dragons' new home. When the Aspects refused, it sowed the seeds of rebellion for the Primalists.[9] The Primalists' leaders became known as the Primal Incarnates, infused with the power of the elements.

Fyrakk was the first proto-dragon to speak up against the titans and dragonflights, and the first to imbue himself with elemental magics and become a Primal Incarnate. He was also the one who rallied an army of proto-dragons and tarasek, forming what would become the Primalists. However, Iridikron would quickly usurp control over the army from Fyrakk. The faction would come to base themselves out of Iridikron's lair, Harrowsdeep.[10] Iridikron's sister, Ikronia, became an ordered dragon of the black dragonflight but came to regret it. When she came to her brother for help, Iridikron used her as a tool to propagandize against the dragonflights, having her destroy mortal settlements so that they would think that the dragonflights were behind it. These actions led to more joining the Primalists' cause.[11]

Neltharion was concerned about the festering schism between Primalists and dragons, but Alexstrasza dismissed his concerns, hoping to resolve the tensions through communication. Fearing conflict was coming, Neltharion created the dracthyr and prepared for war.[8][12][13][14]

The Primalists fight against the dracthyr army.

Neltharion didn't have enough time to perfect his creation. About 20,000 years ago[15] Raszageth, the Storm-Eater, struck first at dragonkind by attacking the Forbidden Reach.[16] With the Oathbinder broken, Neltharion lost control of the dracthyr, and resorted to submitting to the whispers of the Old Gods for the first time, using his newfound powers to banish Raszageth to the Froststone Vault. He then discarded the dracthyr and stashed them away in their creches where they were put in stasis indefinitely.

A cataclysmic conflict ensued between Primalists and dragonflights known as the War of the Scaleborn. Vyranoth and Fyrakk were ever loyal to the Incarnate's ideals, but Iridikron truly embraced the war. At the end, he struck terrible bargains to keep their cause alive. Alexstrasza believes the other incarnates never knew the true depths of his depravity.[17] Despite the Primalists' alliance with the djaradin to end the dragons' reign,[18] the remaining Primal Incarnates were ultimately defeated, but Alexstrasza, having failed to restore peace between the two groups,[19] still couldn't bear to kill them given they had once been as close as clutch-mates, and decided to imprison them instead, within the titanic Vault of the Incarnates.[20]

After the imprisonment of the Incarnates and the end of the war, the Primalists scattered.[21]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

A few years after the war against the Jailer, a group of Primalists led by Kurog Grimtotem invaded the Forbidden Reach and successfully released Raszageth from her prison in the Froststone Vault.[22] She unleashed worldwide storms as a symbol of the Incarnates' return,[23] and the Primalists attacked the Northern Barrens, Un'Goro Crater, and the Badlands, but were ultimately pushed out of the regions.[24] The Primalists then focused all their attention upon the Dragon Isles.

They took the eggs of dragons and proto-dragons in order to infuse them with elemental energies. One such attempt was discovered by Sendrax and adventurers from the Horde and Alliance. The discovery prompted the pair to rescue the Infused Dragon Egg, and though Sendrax lost her life in the process, adventurers were able to bring the egg to Alexstrasza in an attempt to save the whelp inside from the Primalists machinations.[25] Alexstrasza subsequently declared that the situation was dire, and that the eggs' only hope of salvation was within the Life Pools.[26]

Sometime later Raszageth led the Primalists on an attack on the Ruby Life Pools, with the goal of infusing their own powers within.[27] As Raszageth clashes with Alexstrasza in the skies, Primalists forces led by Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein invaded the pool themselves, but were ultimately defeated, whereas Raszageth made the decision to leave on her own after wounding the Dragon-Queen.

In the Ohn'ahran Plains, Primalists forces led by Koroleth attacked the Emerald Garden and fought against the Green dragon in an attempt to reach the portal to the Emerald Dream on the Ancient Bough. The dragons repelled them repeatedly, and the Primalists knew they needed the centaur's aid to win.[28] Koroleth easily recruited Balakar Khan of Clan Nokhud, the mightiest of the Maruuk Centaur clans, and aided them in the subsequent civil war among the centaur of the land. During the war, the Primalists and Nokhud forces were able to capture Ohn'ahra and were able to use her, along with the Horn of Drusahl, in an attempt to assassinate Merithra, but were thwarted by Solethus' sacrifice.[27][29] Convinced of their victory, Koroleth led a new assault on the Emerald Garden, however her forces were defeated, and she was slain. Meanwhile, the Primalists who were aiding Balakar face a similar defeat, with Balakar himself falling in battle. With their leaders defeated, the remaining Primalists scattered.[30]

In the Azure Span, Raszageth led the Primalists' efforts to destroy Vakthros and the ley lines connected to it, which would destroy the Span.[25] The Kirin Tor, who had come to aid Kalecgos reclaim the Azure Oathstone, were quick to come under attack by the Primalists for their use of the arcane magic of the titans. The Primalists were also able to sway Stoneheart and the Rustpine tribe of Furbolgs to their side, and had claimed Imbue from the Tuskarr. Ultimately Kalecgos, Khadgar, and adventurers were able to defeat the Primalists assaulting Vakthros, and the arrival of the blue dragonflight helped drive the Storm-Eater off.[30] However the Primalists hold upon their allies and stolen territory remained.

In Thaldraszus, the Primalists had infiltrated Valdrakken in an attempt to sway the citizens against the Aspects.[31] The Primalists had also launched an assault and claimed South Hold Gate, thanks to the efforts of Eranog who had betrayed the Aspects and joined their side. Sometime later, the Primalists through the trickery and deception of Rymek were able to gain access to the Emerald Dream portal upon the Ancient Bough, successfully claiming the area and preventing the defenders from being able to breach the ice barrier around them.[32] However, the timely arrival of the returned Ysera destroyed the barrier and allowed the green dragonflight to launch a counterattack.[33] Rymek was soon afterwards slain and the Primalists forces in the area were subsequently destroyed by the powers within the Lunardane by Merithra, who had ascended as the new Dreamer.[34]

In time, Raszageth led the Primalists in breaching the Vault of the Incarnates in an attempt to free the other Primal Incarnates.[35] Though Raszageth and a number of Primalists were killed, they were successful in their mission, with the liberation of Vyranoth, Fyrakk, and Iridikron.

Sometime later, Primalists forces and their Nokhud allies attacked the Windtotem tribe, who had come to the Ohn'ahran Plains, under the belief that they were druids who had come to the aid of the green dragonflight.[36]

Embers of Neltharion

As the dracthyr and their allies returned to the Forbidden Reach, the Primalists could be found centered within the Stormsunder Crater. They also made forays into the Zaralek Cavern and aided Fyrakk as he attacked the Ohn'ahran Plains and the Azure Span.

Fury Incarnate

After the events of the Dawn of the Infinite, Iridikron departed and left the war against the Aspects to Fyrakk and Vyranoth. At some point, Fyrakk struck a bargain with the Druids of the Flame, where they agreed to open the way to the Emerald Dream on the condition that Fyrakk ensured that they would become immortal.[37] Though the Primalists had gained new allies, Fyrakk's desire to use shadowflame in combination with the fire magics of the Druids of the Flame to corrupt Amirdrassil deeply disgusted Vyranoth, who would ultimately make the decision to warn Alexstrasza of his intentions and even agreed to stand against him.[38]

Guardians of the Dream

By the time the Primalists invaded the Emerald Dream, it was said that "there aren't many left" and were no longer the invasion force they were represented at the start of the conflict with the Dragon Aspects.[39]

In light of Vyranoth's defection, Fyrakk separated any who might be loyal to her from one another, a wise move as her loyalists joined her side.[40][41] Meanwhile at Fyrakk's command a group of Primalists were tasked with destroying the barrier protecting Wellspring Temple, however when their efforts proved futile Gangshe rightfully pointed out that  [Fyr'alath the Dreamrender] could cleave the barrier in an instant. Outrage at the idea of having to squander his own power motivated Fyrakk to kill him, which motivated the other Primalists to continue their attacks against the barrier.[42]

As Amirdrassil was getting ready to bloom on Azeroth, the protections around the Wellspring Temple weakened, which led to a renewed attack against the temple by Fyrakk's forces. In time, the Dream Wardens and their allies clashed against the Primalists and their allies within the Verdant Pass.[43][44] As the battle raged on, Alexstrasza and adventurers destroyed the flame wards that the Primalists empowered around the Wellspring Temple that was preventing their allies from Azeroth from entering the Dream. With their destruction, the various leaders of the Dragon Isles, Horde, and Alliance entered the Dream and joined the fight against Fyrakk's forces.[45]

Fyrakk was ultimately slain within Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope and with his death, Vyranoth declared the war against the Primalists concluded. The remaining Primalists were either captured as prisoners of war or scattered to the winds after Fyrakk's defeat. However, Iridikron, having returned to Azeroth, refused to concede and declared that he would bid his time until it was time for the titans to face their reckoning.[46] Meanwhile the remaining Primalists were either captured as prisoners of war or scattered to the winds after Fyrakk's defeat, with Malathra Nighthelm noting that there was still one Incarnate to call upon them.[47]

Notable members


  • The attack on the South Hold Gate in Thaldraszus was conducted by a group called the Magmasworn.[48][49]




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