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NeutralThe Prepfoot
Prepfoot Compound.jpg
Main leader  Trand Prepfoot
Race(s) Highmountain taurenHighmountain tauren Highmountain tauren
Base of operations Prepfoot Compound
Theater of operations Highmountain
Language(s) Taur-ahe
Affiliation Independent
Status Active
"And so I declare, Deathwing has not been defeated. He lays in wait for Azeroth's distraction. Soon he will return, flying over the world and spreading his destruction. Surely, you may think, the Alliance and Horde will take him down with their great airships. But his body will cause the earth to shake, and the oceans will rise up to swallow us all. But the Prepfoot... we know! We have seen the future and will prepare until the time comes. We shall survive... nay, thrive!"
Trand Prepfoot

The Prepfoot are a small, recently-formed group of Highmountain tauren who, seemingly unaware of the events of the Cataclysm, believe that Deathwing will soon return to Highmountain and cause the ocean to rise up and swallow the land, based on a purported prophetic vision had by their leader and founder, Trand Prepfoot.[1][2] They believe that the invasion of the Burning Legion is not the true threat; instead, according to Trand, the Legion is only a mere sign heralding Deathwing's return.[1] They are based out of the Prepfoot Compound, nestled in the northeastern cliffs of Highmountain.

Every member of the group wears a hat similar to a  [Darkmoon Fishing Cap] in the belief that it will help them adapt quicker to the flooding of the world.[3] The Prepfoot hoard food in a storehouse at the southern end of their compound; mainly bananas, milk and other items that they believe will last long,[4] as well as non-salted meat (Trand apparently claims that salted meat spoils faster).[5]

Known members

Name Role
 Trand Prepfoot Founder and leader
 Amben Prepfoot
 Brun Prepfoot Flight master
 Cauhgrils Prepfoot Survival knick knacks vendor
 Chaff Prepfoot Innkeeper & provisions
 Darsa Prepfoot
 Lisy Prepfoot
 Sana Prepfoot Overseer of the storehouse
 Tye Prepfoot Training to defend the Prepfoot from the horrors of the sea
 Wu'de Prepfoot


  • The Prepfoot are a parody of preppers, individuals or groups actively preparing for emergencies.