Frostwolf Keep

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The entrance of the Keep.
Overview of the Frostwolf camp.

Frostwolf Keep is the base of operations for the Frostwolf Clan, located at the base of the mountains in southern Alterac Valley. This Horde stronghold is where General Drek'Thar rules the Frostwolf Clan and directs the Horde war effort. The Alliance's Stormpike Guard must battle their way from Dun Baldar in the Northern Valley through the Horde's tower defenses in order to reach the inner sanctum of the Frostwolf command structure.

A lot has been made of a design problem in the keep. While the Horde must fight their way though almost all of Dun Baldar to reach the Stormpike Aid Station, the Alliance can take a shortcut off the road, and bypass Frostwolf's garrison. This has caused a lot of outcry, since its believed this flaw gives Alliance an advantage.

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