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For other uses, see Dreadguard (disambiguation).
Dreadguards in Silverpine.jpg
Main leader Horde The Desolate Council
  Formerly  Queen Sylvanas Windrunner
Race(s) ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
Capital Ruins of Lordaeron
  Formerly Undercity †
Theater of operations Lordaeron, Broken Isles, Kalimdor
Language(s) Gutterspeak
Affiliation Forsaken (Undercity), Horde
Status Active

The dreadguards are the elite of the Forsaken military. In the past they have only concerned themselves with protecting Sylvanas Windrunner, but have been expanding outward from Undercity to many areas of Lordaeron in the recent years.

They are notably present at the Silverpine Sepulcher and in Tarren Mill, as well as the strategically important areas in between.

During both the third invasion of the Burning Legion and the Fourth War, they followed their queen and her champion Nathanos Blightcaller on the Broken Isles and in Kalimdor, ensuring their safety as their close guard.

After the war and the reclaiming of the Ruins of Lordaeron by the Forsaken, they came to reside in the eastern part of the city. With the Dark Lady gone, they now protect the new Desolate Council.






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They may be a sub-group of the Deathguard.