Warfang Hold

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HordeWarfang Hold
Warfang Hold.png
Type Fortress
Leader(s) IconSmall Highmountain Female.gif Centurion Kaga Warmstone
Race(s) OrcOrc Orc
Jungle trollJungle troll Jungle troll
TaurenTauren Tauren
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
GoblinGoblin Goblin
NightborneNightborne Nightborne
Highmountain taurenHighmountain tauren Highmountain tauren
Mag'har orcMag'har orc Mag'har orc
Affiliation(s) Horde
Location Stormsong Valley
Status Abandoned (lore)
Active Battle for Azeroth

Done Inn          Done Mailbox

Done Stables

Done Anvil & Forge

Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

Warfang Hold is the Horde's foothold in northern Stormsong Valley. It is phased along with many unique NPCs such as General Blackstone and Zeryna Wrin and destroyed by the Alliance during A [30-60] Eye for an Eye.

It is later attacked again during Faction Assaults.


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