Forest Hozen

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HordeForest Hozen
Grookin Mound.jpg
Grookin Hill
Main leader  Chief Kah Kah
Secondary leaders  Tooki Tooki
  Formerly  Chief Gukgut †
 Dook Ookem †
Race(s) Hozen Hozen
Capital Grookin Hill
Other major settlements Camp Nooka Nooka, Slingtail Pits
Theater of operations Jade Forest
Language(s) Hozen, Orcish, Mogu[1]
Sub-group(s) Grookin tribe
Slingtail tribe
Affiliation Horde
  Formerly Independent
Notable reward(s)  [Fishy]

The Grookin tribe, also known as the Forest Hozen, are a group of hozen living in the Jade Forest. They find themselves allied with the Horde after the Horde gains their favor by rescuing some of their members, sating their appetite for fish, and killing some of their most fearsome enemies. They are enemies of the Pearlfin Jinyu.



Name Location Status
 Chief Kah Kah Grookin Hill, Jade Forest Alive
 Beast-Haver Chi Chi Grookin Hill, Jade Forest Alive
 Bo Bo Jade Forest Alive
 Dook Ookem Jade Forest Killable
 Eekle Eekle Grookin Hill, Jade Forest Alive
 Jeek Jeek Jade Forest Alive
 Konk Nook of Konk, Jade Forest Killable
 Nibi Nibi Jade Forest Alive
 Riko Various Alive
 Tooki Tooki Jade Forest Alive



All reputation with the Forest Hozen is gained during quests in the Jade Forest storyline.

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