Warsong Outriders

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HordeWarsong Outriders
Main leader  Gargok
  Formerly  Garrosh Hellscream[1]
Secondary leaders  Captain Shatterskull
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orcOrcOrc Orc
Base of operations Mor'shan Base Camp; Warsong Lumber Mill
Theater of operations Barrens; Warsong Gulch
Affiliation Warsong clan, Orgrimmar, Horde
Status Active
Currency Honor point
Quartermaster  Kelm Hargunth
Tabard Warsong Tabard.jpg

“Fierce orcs of the Warsong Clan, locked in battle against the Silverwing Sentinels in Warsong Gulch.”

— Reputation description

The Warsong Outriders are the Horde forces of the Warsong Gulch battleground. They are a faction of the Warsong clan, formerly led by Grom Hellscream, and are attempting to defend their logging operations in Ashenvale from the night-elven Silverwing Sentinels.

Their base of operations, Mor'shan Base Camp, can be found at the northern end of the Northern Barrens.


Reputation is gained through participation in the Warsong Gulch Battleground. You gain 35 reputation each time your side captures a flag. This reputation gain is increased to 45 on holiday weekends.

As of Patch 2.0.1, you no longer get reputation for turning in [Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor].


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