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Temple of Telhamat.jpg
Main leader  Amaan the Wise
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Broken Broken
Character classes Priest, Warrior, Anchorite, Vindicator, Scout
Capital Temple of Telhamat
Theater of operations Hellfire Peninsula
Language(s) Draenei, Common
Affiliation Exodar, Alliance, Independent
Status Active

The Omenai are a religious order of draenei at the Temple of Telhamat,[1][2][3] where they are led by Amaan the Wise. When Velen and the majority of the draenei race left for Azeroth, these draenei remained on Outland to reestablish a presence at their holy places.[4]



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When the Watchers entered Outland in their pursuit of Illidan Stormrage, Maiev Shadowsong visited the Temple of Telhamat and asked the draenei about Akama. They told her that he was a leader of a faction known as the Ashtongue tribe, had access to troops, and knew this land.[5]

The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

During the invasion of Outland, Warp-Scryer Kryv at Honor Hold told the Alliance adventurers about the Omenai and sent them to meet Amaan the Wise.[4] As one of the Omenai's missions is to restore their sacred places, Amaan tasked the adventurers to cleanse the Pools of Aggonar from the demons that infected these waters once sacred to the draenei.[6] Since it was the blood of the annihilan Aggonar that fouled the area, he also gave them a cleansing vial and the task to kill Aggonis, the manifestation of Aggonar's remaining essence in Outland. Following their success, Amaan announced that the Omenai could finally begin their work to restore the pools to their former purity.[7]

Worrying about the blood elves' use of demonic magics, Elsaana tasked the adventurers to neutralize the voidwalkers they drained in the Hellfire Peninsula.[8]

At some point, Vindicator Sedai left the temple to try to negotiate peace with the orcs of the nearby Mag'har Post. His brother Anchorite Obadei began to worry when he didn't return, and sent an adventurer who discovered his corpse.[9] Enraged by his friend's death, and the Omenai's decision not to counterattack, the broken Makuru asked the adventurer to enact vengeance by killing several Mag'har grunts. Anchorite Obadei later chastised Makuru, who against Sedai's ideals,[2] and sent the adventurer to Amaan in order to shed some light on the situation.[10] The leader of the Omenai lent them an artifact called the Seer's Relic, and though the relic didn't have the power to reveal the past, it could grant a vision showing a likely series of events. In this vision, Sedai was escorted from the village by two Mag'har orc guards who swore they'd kill him if he ever came back. However, Krun Spinebreaker and a pair of fel orc Laughing Skull Ambushers ambushed the group and managed to kill them all. It is unknown if the events shown in the vision are what really happened, but Amaan hoped that it might lead the adventurer to consider other possibilities, rather than making an assumption and believing it the truth.[11]

Like the other Broken, Ikan was lost after his mind suffered terrible pain from the orcs' demonic magic. He later met the Omenai and found hope among them, finding once more the ways of the Light.[12] He later asked the adventurers to save his people from the Illidari Taskmasters in the Ruins of Sha'naar. Consequently, a few managed to escape to the temple, where they are now trying to relearn the old ways of the Light under the Omenai.[1]

At some point, the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh requested help from the Omenai, in order to study what happened in the region and help reverse any damage possible. Amaan later sent the adventurers in support.[13]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Years later, the Omenai assisted the Auchenai by sending some of their curates at Auchindoun, where they could be seen repairing the ruins of the mausoleum. Their leader Amaan the Wise was also present and expressed joy at the song of D'ore resounding above the ruins, which reminded him of how all their hard work was worth it.[14] When they received word of the Tishamaat celebration, they traveled to Azeroth and attended the holiday at the Exodar.[15]


Amaan the Wise, leader of the Omenai.

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