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Level: 20-60
Battle Pet Level: 25
Nazmir concept art 1.jpg
Capital(s) Mob Zul'Nazman
Races Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Jungle trollJungle troll Jungle troll
Sethrak Sethrak
Tortollan Tortollan
NagaNaga Naga
N'raqiN'raqiN'raqiN'raqi N'raqi
GoblinGoblin Goblin
Ruler(s) Neutral  Bwonsamdi
Neutral  Krag'wa
Former ruler(s) Mob  G'huun †
Mob  Ateena †
Mob  Hir'eek †
Major settlements Neutral The Necropolis
Horde Zo'bal Ruins
Minor settlements Horde Gloom Hollow
Horde Zul'jan Ruins
Horde Forlorn Ruins
Alliance Fort Victory (abandoned)
Mob Zalamar
Mob Zal'amak
Mob Natha'vor
Affiliation Talanji's Expedition, Zandalari Empire, Horde, Tortaka tribe, Vilescale, Nazmani tribe, Amaki tribe, Natha'vor tribe, G'huun
Former affiliation(s) 7th Legion, Alliance
Location Northeastern Zandalar
PvP status Contested territory

Nazmir (pronounced "NAHZ-meer")[1] is one of the three regions of Zandalar, a fetid swamp riddled with ruined monuments to its lost glory. Its vile inhabitants, the blood trolls, have pledged their savage hearts and frenzied minds to the Blood God G'huun. They must destroy the last functioning titan disc, a relic that lies at the very heart of Zuldazar, to free their master from eons of confinement within the titan facility of Uldir.[2]


Once the shining heart of troll civilization,[3] Nazmir is now a bleak swamp riddled with ruined reminders of its former greatness. The first king, Dazar, led the trolls out of the muck and mire, fleeing south because of the Old God G'huun, where they built Zuldazar.[4][5]

Centuries ago,[6] Nazmir used to be a place of worship for the loa of death Bwonsamdi which had several temples, at the Necropolis and the Terrace of Sorrows. Many Zandalari trolls used to be there, until heretics started to appear among them, corrupting, killing or defiling the old worshippers of the loa,[7] later joining blood troll society.

In the current troll capital of Zuldazar, stories are passed down from generation to generation cautioning children to behave, lest these twisted practitioners of blood magic come to snatch them from their beds. And those who dare brave the swamp have a terrible habit of disappearing, never to return. The blood trolls of Nazmir are the monsters that haunt every Zandalari child's nightmares — and for good reason,[8] as they are dedicated to the worship of the Blood God G'huun and to a single-minded purpose: the destruction of the last functioning titan disc within the city of Zuldazar. Should the trolls shatter this seal, G'huun will be freed from its eons-long confinement to rule the world. Upon arriving in Nazmir, you will meet Princess Talanji, who will ask you to escort her as you look for signs of blood troll activity in the area.[9]

It harbors ancient titan secrets in a top security facility to study the Old Gods, as well as a tool to destroy all life on the planet.[10]

Prior to the Battle of Dazar'alor, the Alliance covered Nazmir in a thick fog using the Abyssal Scepter in order to create a diversion for their army.

After Bwonsamdi brought the defeated Mueh'zala to the Necropolis, Zel'han the Summoner, servant of the defeated loa, was drawing the undead of Nazmir to the Necropolis.[11]

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Nazmir is a primordial swampland, replete with a diverse ecology of insects and dangerous beasts. Many of the once grand temples and buildings now lay in ruins, scattered throughout the region like broken teeth. Vegetation has encroached upon the stone walls and buildings, reclaiming the land piece by piece. Sodden marshes and tributaries mark the landscape of Nazmir, fed by the grand waterfalls spilling from the cliffs of Zuldazar high above. The Razorjaw River and Shattered River both wind through Nazmir as well, contributing to the marshes and wetlands that dominate the region. A vast coastline surrounds Nazmir to the north and east, with the Shattered River demarking the southern border along Zuldazar. To the west you'll find the bubbling Shoaljai Tar Pits, where the cloying scent of smoke drifts up from vents within the earth, choking the air with a haze of ash and dust. Just west of the tar pits on the westernmost border, the pathway into the arid desert of Vol'dun awaits.[8]

Maps and subregions

Map of Nazmir.

Undisplayed locations


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Underrot 110 - 120 5 player Unknown
Instance portal Uldir 120+ 10-30 player Unknown

Travel hubs

Horde Flight Paths from Zo'bal Ruins
Horde Flight Paths from Zul'jan Ruins


Night Fae Ardenweald (activated with N [60] Something Extra for the Winter Queen)

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Vol'dun HordeAlliance 110 - 120 West ???
Zuldazar HordeAlliance 110 - 120 South ???

Notable characters

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  • Herbalism
  • Skinning
  • Mining

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Wild creatures

Notes and trivia

  • At BlizzCon 2017, Nazmir was said to have previously been a lush forest until the Cataclysm caused Nazmir to sink into the sea and turned it into a swamp.[10] This did not make into the game, however, as Nazmir was said to have already been a swamp since the time of Dazar.[5]
    • There are, however, sunken structures at Nazmir's northern shore, so the zone might have indeed been lowering into the sea since the Cataclysm.



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