Durotar Supply and Logistics

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HordeDurotar Supply and Logistics
Supply Officer Jornah
Status Active

The Durotar Supply and Logistics is the Horde's robust supply network that fuels its rapid expansion across Kalimdor and beyond.

The Alliance version of this faction is Azeroth Commerce Authority.


Reputation is primarily earned by finding Waylaid Supplies as world drops, which can then be combined with trade goods to create Supply Shipments and turned in to the DSL for reputation.

Turn-ins until Friendly

Turn-ins until Honored

Turn-ins until Revered


Azeroth Commerce Authority / Durotar Supply and Logistics
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Small Courier Satchel] 45s 10-slot bag
 [Provisioner's Gloves] 12s 59c Cloth gloves
 [Courier Treads] 21s 4c Leather boots
 [Hoist Strap] 24s 28c Mail waist
 [Rune of Beckoning Light] 2g Paladin rune
 [Rune of Everlasting Affliction] 2g Warlock rune
 [Rune of Healing Rain] 2g Shaman rune
 [Rune of Serpent Spread] 2g Hunter rune
 [Rune of Single-Minded Fury] 2g Warrior rune
 [Rune of Skull Bash] 2g Druid rune
 [Rune of Teasing] 2g Rogue rune
 [Spell Notes: Arcane Surge] 2g Mage rune
 [Tenebrous Epiphany] 2g Priest rune
Honored  [Bargain Bush] 1g 11s 90c Trinket
 [Pattern: Phoenix Bindings] 6g 75s Tailoring Pattern
 [Plans: Mantle of the Second War] 6g 75s Blacksmithing Plans
 [Schematic: Soul Vessel] 1g 77s 77c Engineering Schematic
 [Sturdy Courier Bag] 2g 15s 12-slot bag
Revered  [Recipe: Lesser Arcane Elixir] 2g 11s 76c Alchemy Recipe
 [Hefty Courier Pack] 4g 60s 48c 16-slot bag
 [Curiosity Pendant] 6g 82s 94c Necklace
 [Tenacity Pendant] 6g 82s 94c Necklace
 [Initiative Pendant] 6g 82s 94c Necklace
 [Hauler's Ring] 3g 44s 11c Ring
 [Clerk's Ring] 3g 44s 11c Ring
 [Messenger's Ring] 3g 44s 11c Ring


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