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Main leader IconSmall Rastakhan.gif King Rastakhan
Secondary leaders IconSmall Zandalari Female.gif Wardruid Loti
IconSmall Zandalari Male.gif Hexlord Raal
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Character classes Archer, Druid, Priest, Wingrider
Capital Dazar'alor
Theater of operations Zuldazar
Language(s) Zandali
Sub-group(s) Pa'kura, Raptari
Affiliation Zandalari Empire

The Warpack[1] was an army led by King Rastakhan that marched from Dazar'alor through the Temple of the Prophet and eventually into Atal'Dazar in Zuldazar to deal with Prophet Zul. The warpack consisted of members of the Raptari, Pa'kura, as well as the loa, Pa'ku, Gonk, and Rezan, and the Horde adventurer.




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