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For the reputation achievement, see Horde  [The Unshackled]. For the quest, see H [50] The Unshackled. For the board game, see World of Warcraft: Unshackled - An Escape Room Box.
HordeThe Unshackled
Unshackled banner.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Gilgoblin Female.gif Neri Sharpfin
Race(s) GilgoblinGilgoblin Gilgoblin
IconSmall Skrog.gif Sea giant
Makrura Makrura
MurlocMurloc Murloc
Character classes Scout, Rogue, Shaman, Hydromancer
Capital Newhome
Other major settlements Ekka's Hideaway
Theater of operations Nazjatar
Language(s) Nerglish, Titan, Goblin, Orcish
Sub-group(s) Tidelost
Affiliation Horde, Independent
Status Active

The Unshackled are a faction of former naga slaves found in Nazjatar. An oppressed group consisting of gilgoblins, makrura, and sea giants,[1][2] these refugees have banded together to rise up and seize their freedom.[3] When Horde forces arrive in Nazjatar, they ally with the Unshackled against the naga while the Alliance befriends the Waveblade Ankoan.[1][2]

The first gilgoblin to escape was Neri Sharpfin, who unified the Unshackled and made a home for them.[4] The Unshackled have a natural kinship with the species of the deep seas that have seen cruelty at the hands of the naga.[5]

Following the Nazjatar Campaign, Neri and several of her friends arrived to Durotar.



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Oppressed by the Naga, these refugees have banded together to rise up and seize their freedom.


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