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Tandred Proudmoore

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For the object, see Tandred Proudmoore (grave).
AllianceTandred Proudmoore
Image of Tandred Proudmoore
Title Captain
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 30-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Proudmoore Admiralty,
Kul Tiras, Alliance
Occupation Captain
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Daelin (father),
Katherine (mother),
Derek (older brother),
Jaina (older sister)
Tandred in-game.

“Part of me wonders what our brother and father would make of all that Kul Tiras has been through. All that we've endured as a family.”

— Tandred, after his family and homeland is reunited after many years

Tandred Proudmoore is a captain of the Kul Tiran fleet, son of the former Lord Admiral Daelin and Katherine Proudmoore, and the youngest brother of Derek and Jaina. He is described as a fearless explorer and sailor of uncharted waters.[1]



With the death of his brother Derek during the Second War, Tandred largely grew up as the "baby brother" of Jaina. As a child, it seems like he had a habit of teasing his older sister (which she possibly may not have always appreciated), but they nonetheless held a warm and loving sibling relationship.

When details of Daelin's death and Jaina's actions from the Invasion of Durotar reached Kul Tiras, most did not want to understand why it happened and were just angry it did, including their mother. Tandred, however, knew their father could be a hard man[2] and understood Jaina's reasons, and so did not blame her.[3]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Tandred was thought to have died at sea in a storm,[1] but the truth was that the Kul Tiran fleet which he commanded had been captured and hidden in a magical storm by the traitorous Tidesages who served Queen Azshara, several months before Jaina's official return to Kul Tiras.[4]

Jaina would use their father Daelin's pendant to break the storm and free the missing fleet, returning them to Boralus. Discovering the Irontide Raiders fleet ahead of them en route to assault the capital city, they surrounded the pirates, forcing Priscilla Ashvane to surrender.[5] Tandred later attended the ceremony where Katherine named Jaina the new Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras.[6]

Tides of Vengeance

Some time later, Tandred was at Proudmoore Keep with his family near the memorials of Daelin and Derek, as well as his own which he told his mother he appreciated. Upon Jaina's arrival, Tandred addressed her as Lord Admiral, which Jaina told him not to do and that she had always assumed Derek would be Lord Admiral. By this time Tandred had also learned that Derek's corpse had been retrieved from the bottom of the ocean by the Horde and that they were taunting the Proudmoores with it. With Tandred, Jaina, and Katherine together again, Tandred couldn't help but wonder what Daelin and Derek would think of what the Proudmoores and Kul Tiras at large had endured. During the family reunion, the Horde attacked Anglepoint Wharf, and Jaina ordered Tandred to flank them with the fleet while she dealt with the Horde personally.[2] Tandred later captained Jaina's ship during the assault on Dazar'alor.

Once Kul Tiras formally rejoined the Alliance, Tandred was chosen by Jaina to captain King Anduin Wrynn's new Kul Tiran battleship.[7] Afterward he is found aboard the ship in Stormwind Harbor.


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Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Boralus 120 216,805


  • I will honor my father's legacy.
  • We stand strong together.
  • What do you ask of House Proudmoore?
  • May the seas guide you home.
  • Do the seas call to you as they call to me?
  • We will set things right.
  • That bloke in the red shirt over there told me I "wasn't canon". Well, obviously! I'm a mariner, not a cannon!

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Admiral Tandred Proudmoore was left to hold Kul Tiras together while both, Jaina Proudmoore and Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore sailed west.[8] He took the position of ruler of the Kul Tiras following his father's demise in Theramore. Tandred is a good person but doesn't have his father's courage as he is not the man his father was. He gets a lot of help from his lady friend, Captain Mishan Waycrest. Tandred does the best he can with the few men and fewer allies he has left. He is classified as a fighter and aristocrat.[9]

Notes and trivia

  • Tandred is the youngest of the Proudmoore children.
  • If he had been asked to take up the mantle of Lord Admiral, he would have "done his duty", but being a sailor is his calling.[3]
  • Tandred was first introduced in the 2004 Warcraft RPG sourcebook Lands of Conflict, which was declared non-canonical in 2011. While some characters from the RPG later made the transition into canon lore, Chris Metzen stated in 2013 that Tandred would remain non-canon.[10] However, in Battle for Azeroth, the story team consciously reversed this ruling and canonized Tandred.[11]
    • Tandred jokingly mentions "a bloke in a red shirt" calling him non-canon, a reference to the "Red Shirt Guy" Ian Bates, even though it was Metzen who stated that Tandred was not canon.[12]
  • Day of the Dragon said that Derek was Daelin's eldest son, potentially leaving a place for a younger son, which eventually became Tandred when he was made canonical in Battle for Azeroth.
  • During Battle for Azeroth beta, he briefly went missing from the database but was re-added when the game went live.
  • Tandred is voiced by Fergus O'Donnell.[13]


Patch changes


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