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Arzaal, leader of the Penitents
Main leader  Arzaal
Race(s) Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari eredar
Capital Exodar
Theater of operations Azeroth, Argus
Language(s) Eredun, Draenei, Common
Affiliation Exodar, Alliance
Status Active

The Penitents are a group of man'ari eredar led by Arzaal who wished redemption for their past sins and were ultimately allowed to join the draenei and thus the Alliance.[1]

Few have been allowed to serve the draenei on Azeroth. It is not a matter of distrust, since Arzaal personally evaluates every Penitent and vouches for them on his own life. Rather, they do not want to cause the draenei distress because of what the man'ari did to them in the past.[2]


The Penitents were amongst the countless eredar who loyally followed Kil'jaeden and Archimonde in service to Sargeras and the Burning Legion, under the promise of prosperity for their people. Over time they grew horrified by the bloodshed and ashes left in the Legion's wake, but continued to serve due to fearing for their own life more than their sin, since Kil'jaeden had a way of invading the mind. Any doubt would have be known to the Deceiver, which he considered as betrayal and therefore punishable by death. In the wake of the Legion's defeat during the third invasion of Azeroth, their leader Arzal'kal recognized that he couldn't undo his crimes and sought to prove that he was no longer a coward by openly fighting against the Legion in penitence. Seeking to speak with Velen, and knowing that Chieftain Hatuun and the Argussian Reach had been in contact with the Prophet, he personally fought off several Legion ambushes by their side to win their trust.[3]

By the time of the war against the Primalists, Hatuun called upon Velen to meet him on Argus, where he formally introduced the Prophet to Arzal'kal. After a tense first meeting, Arzal'kal was allowed to prove himself true, where he and his allies secured the  [Brilliant Star], one of the shards of the Ata'mal crystal, and delivered it to Velen. Upon receiving the shard, a grateful Velen made the decision to invite the Penitents to join with the draenei, an offer that was accepted, with Arzal'kal reclaiming his former name: Arzaal.[1]

While Man'ari adventurers aided the Alliance, Arzaal and the other Penitents continued to aid the Krokul and the Lightforged draenei on Argus, as they didn't want to upset the draenei on Azeroth with their presence.[2] Nevertheless, Arzaal later came on Azeroth to aid their kin with a satyr problem on Bloodmyst Isle, and following the defeat of Sironas, the Penitents attended the Tishamaat at the Exodar.[4]

With the Triumvirate of the Hand of Argus assigned as their escort during the celebrations, the reactions of the public were rather varied. While the majority remained cautious about the Penitents, some like Akama and Vindicator Boros expressed their apprehensions and recommended remaining wary of them. Others were more compliant, such as Audrid and her companions who agreed to listen to Eranthi's teachings on demons, while Grand Vindicator Sorvos wished to let them prove their aspirations just as the nathrezim Lothraxion proved it within the Army of the Light.[5]


Antoran Wastes

Notes and trivia

  • While Val'zuun is not a member, he admitted to having similar goals with the Penitents and that Arzaal has his blade if need be.
  • The group was first encountered in patch 10.1.7, with their name being revealed in patch 10.2.7.


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