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Shadowforge clan

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AllianceShadowforge clan
Ancient Dwarven Shield - Shadowforge.jpg
Emblem of the Shadowforge family
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly  Iron Thane Shadowforge †
Race(s) Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
Character classes Warrior, Sharpshooter
Capital Shadowforge City
Affiliation Dark Iron clan
Status Active

The Shadowforge clan[1][2] is a clan and family of Dark Iron dwarves affiliated to the larger Dark Iron clan. The family has left a long stain on Dark Iron history. The earliest known member was Iron Thane Shadowforge, who was by all accounts a cruel despot who tortured and killed many of his own people.[3]

The Shadowforge clan is the Dark Iron force currently present in the Badlands and Uldaman.[1] Ambassador Infernus oversees their operation from Angor Fortress in the name of Ragnaros.[4]

After Moira Thaurissan reclaimed her position in Shadowforge City, Shadowforge dwarves are seen in Stormwind City and Drustvar.



The following are also characters in Shadowforge City and may be named after the city rather than the clan:


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