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Shatterstone Harbor

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AllianceShatterstone Harbor
File:Shatterstone Harbor.jpg
Type Camp
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Affiliation(s) 7th Legion, Alliance
Location Northwestern Vol'dun
Status Abandoned (lore)
Active Battle for Azeroth

Undone.gif Inn          Undone.gif Mailbox

Undone.gif Stables

Undone.gif Anvil & Forge

Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

Shatterstone Harbor was an Alliance harbor in Vol'dun. Originally a vulpera camp, it was being raided by Faithless sethrak before the 7th Legion took it as their foothold in Zandalar. The harbor serves as the Vol'dun entrance point for Alliance players and provides basic facilities, such as an innkeeper, repair vendor, and a flight master.

After the armistice with the Horde was signed at the end of the Fourth War, the Alliance ceded control of the encampment.[1]


  • After completing the initial War Campaign quests, the Wind's Redemption is no longer present in the harbor. Players wishing to leave Vol'dun for Boralus can speak to the flight master instead.
  • A [35-60] Pests refers to the area as Alliance Docks.
  • In the early alpha, it was called 7th Fleet Landing instead.

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