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Lunarfall Garrison loading screen.jpg
Loading screen of Lunarfall
Type Alliance
Leader(s) Alliance IconSmall Adventurer.gif Alliance Adventurers
Affiliation(s) Alliance

Done Inn          Done Mailbox

Undone.gif Stables

Undone.gif Anvil & Forge

Undone.gif Bank       Undone.gif Auctions
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
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Done Portal(s)
A day at the Garrison.
If you wish to upgrade a building, you will need the blueprints. These can be bought from Sparz Boltwist.

Lunarfall is the Alliance Garrison, located in Shadowmoon Valley. Several Shadowmoon clan ruins dotted the area before the garrison was built. A fully-upgraded Lunarfall garrison is considered to be a castle.[1]

The Horde counterpart is Frostwall, located in Frostfire Ridge.

Initial arrival

This area begins as a simple grove of trees, a pond, and an abandoned mine which overlook the Tanaan Channel to the north. After the Alliance expedition (consisting of the player, Khadgar, Thrall, Maraad, etc.) has finished the Assault on the Dark Portal scenario, their stolen Iron Horde ship is beached on the northern shores of Shadowmoon Valley. They are promptly met by Velen, who knows of their plight and gifts the plateau of Lunarfall to the player to use as a beachhead for their expedition.

Velen chose this particular location as it commands the entrance of the valley.[2]

Conversion into an Alliance Garrison

Khadgar creates a portal and Baros Alexston comes through with workers to start building the garrison. Once an Alliance player has completed the prerequisite quests, they establish a level 1 garrison on the plateau. This small town consists of some palisade walls and a few scattered huts and tents. From this point forward, when the player enters the plateau, they are greeted with text defining the area as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Outpost". When the garrison is upgraded to level 2, a Town Hall is built, the walls are extended outward and strengthened and more building plots are added. It becomes known as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Fort". When upgraded to level 3, the size of the town hall is increased, the outer walls are further fortified, and the location is finally defined as "Lunarfall <Player>'s Garrison".

TownHallg.jpg Your Second-in-Command

Main article: Garrison Missions
Main article: Town Hall (garrison)

Your town hall will be your main base in the entire garrison. While you're off exploring, Lieutenant Thorn takes care of your Garrison. She finds and reports missions that are in need of your attention. You can access them from your Command Table. Every mission requires you to pick several followers in order to start it. For each mission, certain followers are better than others. Each mission will either result in success or failure. Should your followers return in glorious victory, you will receive either gold, garrison resources or equipment and bounties destined for a commander. Followers also have traits that work better at countering certain enemies. Remember, each mission takes a certain amount of time to complete. So after sending them off, be sure to return later to assign them to new missions.

BarracksG.jpg Barracks

Main article: Barracks (garrison)

Coming all the way from Azeroth, one has no idea what this Land offers. For this, a barracks needs to be built. From here, one can get a patrol mission to further secure Shadowmoon Valley. All your followers rest here and the bigger it gets, the more you can welcome. (Including Bodyguards)


Main article: Bodyguard

While being a commander is great it also comes with certain eye-opening facts. One of these is that your head becomes ever so priced by the Iron Horde and Horde alike. It doesn't help that Draenor is anything but safe, this is no Elwynn Forest. You need a bodyguard and fortunately for you, Draenor is full of mighty fighters. Any character with the bodyguard trait can apply for the job. Bodyguards can only be accessed by assigning them to a Barracks.

Known Bodyguards

InnG.jpg The Inn

Main article: Lunarfall Inn

Lunarfall is a fast-growing outpost and one day, it will be a might to be matched with any enemy of the Alliance. However, even with an army at your side, you will still need more soldiers. The best way to do so is to give shelter to all those who would be passing by. An inn will do the job just fine. Inns are the prime of any race belonging to the Alliance and have a scent of conversation and laid back. Many will come to visit you, some will join while others will give you a reward for your hospitality.

SalvageYardG.jpg Salvage Yard

Main article: Salvage Yard

With such an unknown land, being deprived of your way home requires many resources. Wasting said resources is not an option. Whenever you send your followers out on missions, they will occasionally pick up unwanted material. Sometimes it's filled with unusable material, useful ores and herbs, or odd weapons and armor. However, if one is fortunate enough, you may find something useful for your followers.

ProfessionBuildingsG.jpg Profession Buildings

Main article: Garrison

Bringing your trade to this new land is a great idea. To do so, expand your knowledge on it and share it with others. As you gather materials, you can bring them here and set your workers on a work order. You can also build a profession building that you don't even own.

StorehouseG.jpg Storehouse

Main article: Storehouse

Even though your fortune slowly rises, you will eventually run out of bag space and be forced to get rid of something. To avoid this bankers from Azeroth will happily settle in your garrison in order to provide safety for your equipment and empty your bags. Also, if you increase the size of the storehouse, ethereals will eventually settle in. They offer transmogrification and void storage.

ResourcesG.jpg Resources

Main article: Lunarfall Excavation

As a head start, Velen provides you a fertile land where one can fish, mine, and grow herbs. For mining one will find a mine close by that has been overrun by Goren. Once the mine is cleared, you can send your workers in to start gathering ore. You can also assign certain followers like Lantresor of the Blade to the mine to advance productivity.

Main article: Herb Garden

A herb garden has been set up. From it, you can grow all the tamable plant-life on Draenor. Fiona can be assigned here to improve your harvest.

Main article: Fishing Shack

Your base has a fertile lake from which fish can grow. However, it is still empty and will require your finishing skills in order to import fish eggs from other zones. Once you have mastered your fishing on Draenor, Nat Pagle will be interested in joining.

Menagerieg.jpg Menagerie

Main article: Menagerie (garrison)

With a new world to explore, ancient pets that have been long extinct find themselves alive. To increase your collection, you can build a Menagerie. Here, Lio the Lioness takes care of your current pets and you may be visited by a pet collector such as yourself.

Tower of Warg.jpg Tower of War

Main article: Tower of War

Even with a common enemy, the monstrous Horde is still up to its old tricks. After breaking the peace treaty in Ashran, the Alliance prepares to handle them as well. Once your Garrison reaches it's maximal potential, a tower of wall will be built to provide easy access to Ashran. Take the portal at the top in order to secure vengeance.

Lumber Millg.jpg Lumber Mill

Main article: Lumber Mill (garrison)

Even this far away, lumber is still a valuable resource and if you don't take it, your enemies will. Constructing a lumber mill will give you plenty of resources. Taken care by Justin Timberlord, your resources will increase greatly. While out on the field, you can call a lumberjack to take down trees.

Barov Industries

After gaining the rights to his family fortune, Weldon Barov joins his brother to create the Barov Industries. However, Alexi Barov backstabbed him and dropped a tree on him. When you find and free him, he joins your garrison and asks for his brother's head.

Phylarch the Evergreen

As you start cutting larger trees, you will be confronted by Phylarch the Evergreen. You will fight him until he runs away. After the third time, he decides that you are stronger and joins your garrison. You can later assign him, to the lumber yard for more lumber.

Trading Postg.jpg Trading Post

Main article: Trading Post

It is not enough that you secure your garrison, you need to make it financially stable. It is with a good economy that you will gain garrison recoursed. To do this a trading post needs to be constructed. Here, you can trade an object you don't for one you do.

Ancient Trading Mechanism

As you build your garrison, someone has discovered an Ancient Trading Mechanism. With it, you can have a personal auction house. Unfortunately, it appears to have some parts are missing and can only be operational if they are found and placed.

GladiatorSanctumg.jpg Gladiator's Sanctum

Main article: Gladiator's Sanctum

In this new place, you need to stay in shape. A gladiator's sanctum can be built in order to teach you how to properly dispose of each race in the Horde. After deciding which race you are going after, you can start collecting their remains. The sanctum can also teach you how to breathe underwater, increase damage when at low health, and a reduction in fall damage.

Barng.jpg Barn

Main article: Barn

Similar to a barn on Azeroth, you can kill animals for resources. Building a barn will get you the Stonefield family to join your garrison along with their new member. To capture an animal, the family gives you traps to catch beasts with. After you catch it, the family will take it back to the barn in order to slowly turn it into hides and food.

Dwarven Bunkerg.jpg Dwarven Bunker

Main article: Dwarven Bunker

While a barracks is great, a dwarven bunker can add more firepower for your troops. Taken care of by Kristen Stoneforge one can use the bunker for transmog or armour for your followers. It can also upgrade your quest rewards or give you a [Seal of Tempered Fate]

Mage Towerg.jpg Mage Tower

Main article: Mage Tower (garrison)

A mage tower can give you an advantage when traveling around Draenor. When this new ogre magic was discovered, ogre waygate soon figured out and mages could use them to travel around Draenor. The bigger the mage tower gets, the more waygates you can use.

Gnomish Gearworksg.jpg Gnomish Gearworks

Main article: Gnomish Gearworks

Bringing an engineer on board can give you certain advantages during your time on this savage land. Each day, your personal engineer will make a random invention for you to use. When you max it out, you'll be able to use a siege engine.

Stablesg.jpg Stables

Main article: Stables (garrison)

Now that you have a Garrison, you can build a home for your mounts. Keegan Firebeard along with his wife Fanny Firebeard, make their home at the stables. They will take care of your mounts and will also help you capture and tame the beasts of these lands.

Lunarfall Shipyard.jpg Lunarfall Shipyard

Main article: Lunarfall Shipyard

Once you have conquered Draenor and upgraded your base. You may now take the war to the Iron Horde. Find a shipwright, build a shipyard and assault Tanaan Jungle.

Garrison Monument.jpg Garrison Monument

Main article: Garrison Monument

On your journey, you will achieve much success. If you are worthy enough, you have earn the right to have a monument. When you do, you can place it in your Garrison.

Known Monuments

Garrison invasion.jpg Garrison Invasion

Main article: Garrison Invasion

Now that you have taken command, you may engage your enemies and bring glory in the name of the Alliance. However, your enemies will not sit quietly and they will take revenge. A message will be sent to you for when an invasion of your garrison is about to begin. When this happens talk to your sergeant and if you need to, you can purchase equipment from him to help you men in battle. If you successfully fend off the invasion, the spoils of war await you.


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