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Reputation factions in World of Warcraft
This article is about the in-game faction. For the draenei city of the same name, see Exodar.
AllianceThe Exodar
Draenei Crest.png
Main leader  Prophet Velen
Secondary leaders IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Triumvirate of the Hand
 Farseer Nobundo
  Formerly  Vindicator Maraad †
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Broken Broken
Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari eredar[1]
Naaru Naaru
Base of operations Exodar, Azuremyst Isle
Affiliation Alliance
Quartermaster IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Kadu
Notable reward(s) IconSmall Elekk.gif Elekk mounts
Tabard Exodar Tabard.jpg

Exodar is the faction associated with the Exodar, the enchanted capital city of the draenei, built out of the largest husk of their crashed dimensional ship of the same name. It is located in the westernmost part of Azuremyst Isle. The Exodar faction leader is Prophet Velen, who is located near the battlemasters in the Vault of Lights.


The zones of Azuremyst, Bloodmyst, Swamp of Sorrows, Hellfire Peninsula, and Zangarmarsh offer many of the quests for gaining reputation with Exodar.

The Exodar Quartermaster is Kadu[54.6, 36.8], located in the Seat of the Naaru in Exodar. At all reputation levels, he sells the  [Exodar Tabard], which can be used to champion Exodar in dungeons for additional reputation.

Reputation can also be gained by competing in the Argent Tournament (requires level 80) or by turning in Exodar Writ of Commendations from the Molten Front (requires level 85).

Exalted with Exodar is one of the requirements for achieving the title of Alliance Ambassador.


At revered reputation, Kadu sells a unique 16-slot bag.

At exalted reputation, he sells level 35 cloaks, and non-Draenei Alliance races are able to purchase and ride IconSmall Elekk.gifElekk mounts (Draenei can ride elekks regardless of faction reputation). Exodar elekks are bought from Torallius the Pack Handler[81.6, 51.6], located outside of the Exodar, next to the main entrance. Unarmored elekks are available starting at level 20, while armored elekks are available at level 40.

Item Cost Type
Revered  [Exodar Satchel] 10s Bag
Exalted  [Mantle of Exodar] 1g 90s 31c Cloak
 [Cape of Exodar] 1g 89s 60c Cloak
 [Shroud of Exodar] 1g 88s 86c Cloak
(for non-Draenei members of the Alliance)
 [Brown Elekk] 1g Mount
 [Gray Elekk] 1g Mount
 [Purple Elekk] 1g Mount
 [Great Blue Elekk] 10g Mount
 [Great Purple Elekk] 10g Mount
 [Great Green Elekk] 10g Mount

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