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For the raid, see Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.
Amirdrassil concept 10.2.jpg
Capital(s) Alliance Bel'ameth
Races Night elfNight elfHighborneHighborne Night elf
IconSmall UndeadNightElf Male.gifIconSmall UndeadNightElf Female.gif Darkfallen
Ancient Ancient
Green dragon Green dragon
IconSmall Cenarian Female.gif Dryad
IconSmall Cenarian Male2.gif Keeper of the grove
Ruler(s)  Shandris Feathermoon
Former ruler(s)  Tyrande Whisperwind
Affiliation Darnassus, Alliance
Location West of the Ohn'ahran Plains, Dragon Isles

Amirdrassil (meaning Crown of Harmony in Darnassian)[1] is a World Tree on the Dragon Isles, located west of the Ohn'ahran Plains. It was previously located in the Emerald Dream and entered the waking world after it bloomed. Amirdrassil hosts the city of Bel'ameth, the night elves' new home, replacing Teldrassil which burned several years prior in the War of the Thorns.

Getting there

Fly west out of the Ohn'ahran Plains to enter the external Amirdrassil zone.

In Bel'ameth, there are portals out to various locations:

Outside Bel'ameth, portals are found at:



Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

When Elune (through Tyrande Whisperwind) and the Winter Queen communed in Ardenweald, they created The Sisters' Tear, an artifact meant to serve as a "vessel of renewal". The souls of the night elves who died during the Burning of Teldrassil and who were rescued from the Maw chose to become part of "a new beginning for their people" and entered the vessel, forming a new "seed", touched by both the Dream and Ardenweald and embodying the cycle of Death and Life.[2]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

After the rediscovery of the Dragon Isles, Tyrande brought the seed to Merithra, who took her through the Ancient Bough so that she could plant it within the Emerald Dream for safety.[3] Guarded by the green dragonflight and the defenders of the Dream, it peacefully grew into a giant World Tree.

When the time neared for the tree to leave the cradle of the Emerald Dream and manifest into the physical world,[4] the Primalists set their eyes on it. Ice Primalist forces led by Rymek infiltrated the Emerald Dream and attempted to locate the nascent tree[5][6] but were defeated by Ysera, who had returned from the Shadowlands to defend the Dream.[7] After the defeat of the infinite dragonflight, Nozdormu saw a vision of burning embers and Fyrakk attacking Amirdrassil. Alexstrasza sent a warning to Merithra to prepare the green dragonflight's defense in order to protect the growing World Tree.

Thanks to their new allies, the Druids of the Flame, Fyrakk and his forces finally made their way into the Emerald Dream. But rather than destroy or burn it, Fyrakk set out to imbue the tree with "the living flame", spreading it across all of Azeroth and remaking the world in eternal fire.

After Fyrakk's defeat, Amirdrassil and the surrounding island crossed over from the Emerald Dream to Azeroth, appearing in the sea west of the Ohn'aran Plains.[8] The leaders and heroes of Azeroth gathered under its boughs to celebrate, and Tyrande consecrated the pool beneath the World Tree as a new moonwell, naming the location Bel'ameth, the arms of the goddess.[9] The bloom was accompanied by a voice heard by several individuals on Azeroth.[10]

Since the blooming, more and more kaldorei arrived at Amirdrassil and made their home in Bel'ameth, and they would welcome all who wish to dwell in it. At the same time, Tyrande proclaimed that while Amirdrassil would be a sanctuary for the night elves, they would not abandon the lands sacred to them such as Mount Hyjal, Val'sharah, and Ashenvale. Most importantly, Tyrande vowed that once the ash clears and life blossoms again, they would return to Teldrassil and build anew.[11]


In patch 10.2.0, the Amirdrassil zone is basically a copy of the central island of the Emerald Dream zone. It has been cleared of all enemy presence and is populated with generic Sentinel and druid NPCs who have no gameplay function. Saelienne is still in her inn tent, but doesn't function as an innkeeper, though the inn is still a rest area.

In patch 10.2.5, the zone has been significantly revamped as the night elves have moved in, building Bel'ameth, Belanaar Harbor, and several outposts and watchtowers around the island.

Maps and subregions

Map of Amirdrassil

Adjacent regions

Zone name Faction Level range Direction Access
Ohn'ahran Plains HordeAlliance 62-65 East By foot




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