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Waycrest Guard

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AllianceWaycrest Guard
Marshal Everit Reade.jpg
Main leader IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Marshal Joan Cleardawn
  Formerly IconSmall Human Male.gif Marshal Everit Reade †
Secondary leaders IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Lieutenant Course
IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Lieutenant Sterntide
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
Character classes Falconer, Scout, Inquisitor
Capital Unknown
  Formerly Corlain
Base of operations Arom's Stand, Watchman's Rise
Theater of operations Drustvar
Language(s) Common
Sub-group(s) Order of Embers
Former sub-group(s) Goodspeed's Guard †
Affiliation House Waycrest, Admiralty of Kul Tiras, Alliance
Status Active

The Waycrest Guard is the main military force of House Waycrest. Their primary role is to defend the people of Drustvar.


Main article: Drustvar Militia

Around 2,700 BDP, as the humans of Gilneas settled on Kul Tiras, the Drustvar Militia was formed when the native vrykul known as the Drust started attacking newly constructed human settlements. During the course of the war against the Drust, Colonel Arom Waycrest and Captain Lilian Nottley led the militia against the forces of King Gorak Tul. During their final stand at Gol Osigr, Arom defeated Gorak Tul causing the Drust armies to falter immediately. From this victory, Arom was made a Lord and became the founder of House Waycrest, while the militia was reformed as the Waycrest Guard.[1][2]

At some point, they began taming the local falcons of Drustvar to work alongside their falconers as scouts and messengers.[3]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

By the time of the Fourth War, Marshal Everit Reade was the leader of the Waycrest Guard. For many years, his watch would prove to be a peaceful one, until the Heartsbane Coven began to undermine the organization from within. At Corlain, the soldiers protecting Waycrest Manor were taken under the absolute control of the witches, while those at Watchman's Rise also fell under the Coven's spell.[4][5] While most were turned against their alliance by being enthralled, others joined willingly, such as Captain Goodspeed and the Goodspeed's Guard who gave their allegiance in exchange for power.[6]

During the Drust incursion, the remaining forces of the Waycrest Guard were forced to retreat to Arom's Stand with the refugees from Corlain. After Lord Arthur Waycrest was captured, his daughter Lucille Waycrest was being sentenced to death, and Marshal Everit chose to save her first. With his men at his side, he rode to Hangman's Point and defended it long enough until Lucille was proven innocent with the help of the Alliance adventurer.[7] Lucille later came up with a plan to stop the Heartsbane Coven, involving the restoration of the Order of Embers, and called on five recruits chosen by Marshal Everit to become inquisitors.[8][9]

With the Order restored, the Waycrest Guard began their offensive against the Coven and started by retaking the Watchman's Rise. Once they reached Corlain, they took down the dark barrier around Waycrest Manor, where they were confronted by The Mother.[10][11] After he was corrupted, Marshal Reade's death galvanized Lucille and the others, and they would go on to defeat The Mother and purge Waycrest Manor, marking final victory over the Heartsbane Coven. In the aftermath, Joan Cleardawn was named the new Marshal of the Waycrest Guard by Lucille Waycrest, replacing the deceased Everit Reade.[12]

At some point, the Horde scouts discovered an ideal location for an outpost in Drustvar, and a war party was dispatched to fight the Waycrest guards in the area.[13]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Years later, Marshal Joan Cleardawn visited the T&W Trading Post in Stormwind City to buy new weaponry. She explained that the Drustvar garrisons were still fighting against the witches, and were in need of anything useful against them.[14]



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