Circle of the Ancients

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AllianceCircle of the Ancients
Grove of the Ancients Cataclysm.jpg
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) Ancient Ancient
Base of operations Grove of the Ancients
Affiliation Darnassus, Alliance
Status Active

The Circle of the Ancients are a group of Ancients that apparently lead their race in Darkshore. They meet at the Grove of the Ancients. They at least have enough authority to make large decisions like aiding Fandral Staghelm and his druids in growing the new World Tree of Teldrassil. The Circle of the Ancients and the wise druids pooled their power to create Teldrassil.[1][2][3][4]

At some point, Velinde Starsong asked the Circle for help with the worgen that she had unleashed in Ashenvale. They weren't able to help her.[5]