Proudmoore Battalion

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AllianceProudmoore Battalion
Proudmoore Battalion.jpg
Main leader  Commander Kellam
Secondary leaders  Lieutenant Bauer
 Lieutenant Harris
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
Character classes Archer, Footman, Marine
Base of operations Fort Daelin
Theater of operations Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras, Zandalar
Language(s) Common
Affiliation Kul Tiras, Storm's Wake, Alliance
Status Active

The Proudmoore Battalion[1][2] is a Kul Tiran military unit loyal to the Proudmoore Admiralty, currently stationed at Fort Daelin in Stormsong Valley. The battalion and fort are vital in protecting the Eventide Delta and its seawall, which has recently become the focus of a naga assault. The Proudmoore Battalion has also become a part of the Storm's Wake faction, a collection of local groups fighting to protect Stormsong Valley from a multitude of threats.


At the time of the Kul Tiran civil war, the Kul Tiran fortress of Fort Daelin on Stormsong Valley's western coast suffered several attacks at the hands of the Zeth'jir naga. The Proudmoore Battalion garrisoning the fort fought hard to hold back the invaders and prevent them from breaching the nearby seawall. Should the naga have succeeded in destroying the wall, the ensuing flooding would allow them to push further into Stormsong Valley.

Though the Battalion was pushed out of Fort Daelin's outer defenses, they firmly held the interior of the bastion. Commander Kellam also sent forces to Seabreeze Village under Lieutenant Bauer, where the citizens were also being attacked, and dispatched Squire Augustus III to Brennadam in search of reinforcements.[3] An emissary of the Alliance would eventually arrive to aid in the defense, and with this help the Proudmoore Battalion began to push the naga back from the fort, while holding the line at Seabreeze Village. After rescuing stranded Battalion soldiers and thinning the Zeth'jir numbers,[4] the Kul Tiran defenders were able to strike directly at the naga leaders.

With a Zeth'jir Channeling Rod, they interrupted the ritual of Lady Rash'iss as she attempted to breach the seawall. Despite this, Queen Azshara herself summoned a monster to attack the levee directly. Using cannons and artillery, the Battalion troops were successful in vanquishing the foe just in time, protecting the dam and crippling the naga's plans.[5]

During Faction Assaults on Zuldazar, members of the Battalion protected Alliance supply caravans moving through Predator Pass. At one point, several of these troops were mauled by the dire troll Siegebreaker Vol'gar.



Name Role Status Location
 Commander Kellam Battalion commander and leader of Fort Daelin Alive Eventide Delta, Stormsong Valley
 Lieutenant Bauer Officer; in charge of the defense of Seabreeze Village Alive Seabreeze Village, Stormsong Valley
 Lieutenant Harris Officer Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Assurance Engineer Cole Blacksmithing Supplies & Repairs Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Kiki Castillo Quartermaster Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Staff Sergeant Cotner Inkeeper Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Specialist Wembley Munitions Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Officer Reynald Stable Master Alive Fort Daelin, Stormsong Valley
 Augustus III Squire Alive Brennadam, Stormsong Valley




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