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For the organization from an alternate universe, see Rangari (alternate universe).
Tishamaat - Rangari.jpg
Members of the Rangari - Velanya and Paarun in the front, Naielle in the back
Main leader  Exarch Naielle
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Character classes Hunter, Ranger, Rogue, Scout, Tracker
Base of operations Exodar
Theater of operations Azuremyst Isle, Waking Shores
  Formerly Bloodmyst Isle
Affiliation Exodar, Alliance
Status Active

The Rangari are a draenei organization of scouts and hunters. Their role in draenei society is mostly to gather valuable intelligence about the lay of the land, in order to use it for their advantage. They survived the genocide of the draenei and are still active on Azeroth,[1] answering to Prophet Velen.[2] Their leader, Exarch Naielle, has recently come out of hiding from Terokkar Forest.[3]



Soon after the arrival of the draenei on Draenor, Velen's first act was to create an order called the Rangari, survivalist scouts who would explore their unfamiliar home in search of resources—and threats—that might impact the draenei's future.[4] Their leader was the first draenei exarch, Naielle. The Rangari scoured Draenor for a place to build a permanent settlement. They discovered a prime location where no other creature had settled, a site protected by mountains and with access to the sea. Unbeknownst to the Rangari, this had once been the ogre city of Goria and it would become known as Shattrath City.[5]

As the Rangari explored Draenor over the next years, they discovered more and more signs that the crash of the Genedar had caused serious harm to the world. Groups of Artificers, Rangari, and Vindicators established outposts and cities across Draenor. The greatest of these new settlements was the Temple of Karabor.[6] This expansion brought the draenei into contact with other races, including the ogres who wanted to conquer and reclaim Shattrath. Though the ogre army that marched on Shattrath vastly outnumbered the draenei, it did not matter. The city's defenses easily repelled Highmaul's first attack. As the ogres regrouped, Rangari and Vindicators launched surprise attacks from multiple directions, stabbing deep into the ogres' ranks, eventually triumphing over the attackers.[7]

After the victory over the ogres, the orcs took notice of the draenei's mastery, and the Bladewind orcs conducted attacks against their caravans and took prisoners. Many draenei wanted to retaliate, but Velen forbade it. He only allowed the Rangari to launch covert missions to rescue prisoners. The Rangari managed to save a number of draenei prisoners, but not all. The Bladewinds soon developed a respect for the Rangari and the Vindicators, which led to reduced attacks.[8]

Rangari scouts were tracking a Highmaul ogre, who had strayed deep into draenei lands in the thick forests of Terokkar, they emerged from the woods and felled the brute with their arrows, when the ogre was fighting against two young orcs - Durotan and Orgrim Doomhammer. The draenei hunting party's leader, Restalaan, admired Orgrim's and Durotan's bravery, yet he knew they were in great danger from other ogres who were prowling the forests. He offered a safe haven in the nearby settlement of Telmor. Under Velen's orders, Rangari scouts later escorted Orgrim and Durotan back to the borders of Gorgrond.[9]

As the events between the orcs and draenei started to escalate, Velen and the exarchs sent the Rangari to report on the Bladewinds' activities and discern whether some unseen power was at work behind their violent outburst. The draenei scouts found no evidence that the orcs were being manipulated, but they did return with horrific stories. The Bladewinds were slaughtering their prisoners in gruesome rituals to appease the elements. Only a few captives had not yet suffered this grim fate. Led by Maraad, a small force of Vindicators and Rangari stormed the Bladewind village. By the time they reached the settlement, the captives were dead.[10] When Rangari scouts later reported that the orc clans were uniting into a single army, Velen and the exarchs knew the time for diplomacy had passed.[11]

When the situation with the Old Horde escalated and prepared to attack Karabor, Vindicators and Rangari from Shattrath City streamed into Karabor's harbor, eager for battle. When the volcano in Shadowmoon Valley erupted in a gout of fel energy, fear raced through Karabor's defenders. When the Horde attacked, thousands of howling orcs stormed through the breaches and clashed with Rangari and heavily armored Vindicators. Karabor's defenders fought with a ferocity that the orcs had never witnessed in the draenei before. Against all odds, Velen and his outnumbered forces pushed the Horde back and held the army at bay,[12] but the city ultimately fell when Gul'dan and the Shadow Council used the Dark Star, forcing the survivors out of Shadowmoon to the remaining draenei holdings.

While the orc clans were setting out from the Throne of Kil'jaeden against Shattrath, Velen and the exarchs made their preparations. The Prophet led many civilians to Telredor, a remote temple built upon an island in the Zangar Sea. Meanwhile, Rangari scouts harassed the Horde lines, slowing their approach. After the destruction of Shattrath, A number of Vindicators, priests, and Rangari also survived the initial attack. They retreated to the tomb city of Auchindoun in the hopes of defending it from the Horde, but it also fell when Shadow Council summoned Murmur, who ripped the earth asunder, killing many draenei and blasting the tomb city.[13]

For years to come, the surviving draenei went into hiding. Around Year 26, Prophet Velen and the draenei hijacked the Exodar and traveled through space, crash-landing on Azuremyst Isles on Azeroth. At some point, Rangari were active on Bloodmyst Isle, but Velen had them pulled out of the island to protect them from its corruption.[2]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Some Rangari accompanied the Dragonscale Expedition to the Dragon Isles during the war against the Primalists.[1]

The Rangari's old leader, Exarch Naielle, had been living in self-imposed exile in Terokkar Forest out of guilt ever since the genocide of the draenei, but returned to draenei society with the Tishamaat.[3]


Name Role Status Location
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Exarch Naielle Rangari Prime Alive Exodar
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Velanya Hunter Alive Apex Observatory, Waking Shores
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Paarun Hunter Alive Apex Observatory, Waking Shores
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Restalaan Second-in-command to the Prophet Velen,
Captain of the Guard in Telmor
Deceased Buried in Auchindoun

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Ranger Arepheon might be a member of the Rangari.