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“We of the priesthood must lead by example for the denizens of Shattrath.”

Anchorite Alonora

Anchorite is an honorific title the draenei use for their priests,[1] and perhaps not a true synonym,[2] as it is also a rank within the draenei priesthood.[3] The higher rank corresponding to Grand Anchorite.

They take care of the sick and wounded, while seniors are responsible for training aspiring anchorites. Dedicated to the cause of the Light and their priesthood, they organize ceremonies and sermons, teaching the ways of the Light while sharing their knowledge and wisdom with those who need help. Some of them decide to travel in order to spread their faith, to teach to the races of the Alliance and learn from them,[4] but also to give their aid and fight the evil through Azeroth and Outland. Others may join the ranks of the Alliance armies, where they protect and heal their comrades on the battlefields.


After being introduced to the Light by the naaru, the draenei society centered around the Holy Light of Creation.[5] Blessed with Light-given knowledge and power, as well as the blessing called the Gift of the Naaru that was bestowed upon them to signify their new connection the Light,[6] the draenei vowed to honor the Light and uphold the naaru's altruistic ideals, deeply affected by their words.

As a result, many draenei serve the Light as anchorites, or either as vindicators,[7] the most common profession choices for them. Unlike other Alliance races with the Church of the Holy Light, draenei has their own religious institutions, among them, they have explicit priesthoods such as the Omenai, or the Aldor, an ancient order of draenei priests and priestesses once led by Velen,[8] calling themselves the "keepers of the Light" and in charge with the safeguarding of the draenei holy sites and altars,[9] now led by High Priestess Ishanah in Shattrath City.

In the Exodar, they are based in the Anchorites' Sanctum in the Vault of Lights, where they train new generations of anchorites. Some of them also joined the ranks of the Hand of Argus,[10] the primary military and police force of the Exodar, considered elite among the draenei.[11]

At the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion, many anchorites followed Velen and joined the Conclave in the Netherlight Temple in order to fight the Burning Legion among all the priesthood of Azeroth. During the Battle for the Exodar, they were present to defend the capital, while most of them were inside Velen 's protective shield, healing the wounded. Some of them were present during the Battle for the Netherlight Temple to repel Balnazzar's demonic forces, but also aboard the Vindicaar during the Argus Campaign.

In the Army of the Light, draenei's most elite anchorites followed the naaru Xe'ra aboard the Xenedar to wage war on the Burning Legion.[12] They were then infused with the essence of the Holy Light and became Lightforged in order to heal, protect, and fight against the demons for thousands of years.[13] In the alternative Draenor, anchorites joined the Lightbound and served High Exarch Yrel, they were also infused with the essence of the Holy Light. Among them, Grand Anchorite Almonen was Lightforged and now performs sermons to convert Mag'har orcs to their cause.

During the Fourth War, draenei and Lightforged anchorites were present among the forces of the Alliance,[14] spreading their faith and the justice of the Light, while fighting the Horde and those who threaten Azeroth.[15]


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Main universe

Name Role Location Status
Alliance  Anchorite Delan Priest helping Darkshire Darkshire, Duskwood Alive
Alliance  Anchorite Lanna Member of Light's Vengeance Boralus Harbor, Boralus Alive
Alliance  Anchorite Taliah Trainer of novice adventurers Sword of Dawn Alive
Alliance  Anchorite Truuen Pilgrim at Uther's Tomb Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands Alive
Alliance  Caedmos Priest trainer in the Anchorites' Sanctum Vault of Lights, Exodar Alive
Aldor  Exarch Onaala Anchorite Exarch of the Aldor Altar of Sha'tar, Shadowmoon Valley Alive
Aldor  Grand Anchorite Almonen Grand Anchorite of the Aldor Terrace of Light, Shattrath City Alive
Neutral  Grand Anchorite Gesslar Recruiter of the Conclave Hall of Balance, Netherlight Temple Alive
Alliance  Anchorite Traska Leader of the draenei at Quel'Danil Lodge Quel'Danil Lodge, The Hinterlands Alive


Alternate Draenor

Name Role Location Status
Alliance  Anchorite Antares Spirit of Auchindoun Retribution Point, Auchindoun Deceased
Alliance  Anchorite Laanda Spy on the Sargerei Socrethar's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley Unknown
Alliance  Anchorite Vaanala Protect the Great Tree Valuundira Shadowmoon Valley Alive
Alliance  Anchorite Valest Healer in the Embaari Village Embaari Village, Shadowmoon Valley Alive
Neutral  Grand Anchorite Almonen Grand Anchorite of the Lightbound Deadgrin, Gorgrond Alive



In the TCG

Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

  • "Though I cannot save everyone, I can certainly do my best to try."[16]
  • "As long as our faith remains strong, the man'ari will never prevail."[17]
  • "Valiance against the Legion is an obligation greater than the needs of any single draenei."[18]
  • "You'll always be in my prayers, champion."[19]


  • Although draenei have their own religious institutions centered on the worship of the Holy Light, some of them may be present in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City alongside other priests.[20]


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