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Type Town
Leader(s)  Captain Malia
 Commander Augustine
  Formerly  Wavespeaker Reid †
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
  Formerly IconSmall K'thir.gif K'thir
IconSmall FacelessOne.gif N'raqi
Affiliation(s) Kul Tiras, Alliance
Location Northern Stormsong Valley
Status Active

Sagehold is a settlement in Stormsong Valley, nestled in the Tidebreak Foothills and below Stormwatch Peak. The Tidesages study here.[1] It is overrun with k'thir and n'raqi, led by Wavespeaker Reid. The  [Rod of Tides] is kept here.[2]

After the death of the Wavespeaker, the town is under the control of the Kul Tirans and the Alliance[3] under the leadership of Captain Malia and Commander Augustine.[4]

Sagehold was attacked by the Horde shortly afterwards, who intended to leave it for Lord Stormsong's tidesages to reclaim.[3]


Alliance takeover


Notes and trivia

  • During the early alpha, this place was called Stormsong Keep instead.

Patch changes

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