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AllianceUnit S
Unit S.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Cultist Male.gif Thassarian
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Base of operations Valiance Keep, Death's Stand
Theater of operations Northrend

Unit S is a group that includes twelve soldiers who were gathered together to storm a Scourge ziggurat outside a plagued nerubian city.[1][2][3] They were formed by Counselor Talbot, the same 'man' who chose Thassarian to be their leader.

Private Brau deserted from the unit and said that in his opinion, the "S" stood for "suicide".[4] He is now being held prisoner inside the Inner Hold in Valiance Keep.[4]

It is unknown what the "S" really stands for, but Old Man Colburn says that it "ought to be named after a town" just like Unit Darkshire and Unit Goldshire.[4][5]

As soon as Unit S landed, they were ambushed by the Scourge. They eventually discovered that one of the soldiers in the unit was actually a spy for the Cult of the Damned.[6]


  • In Death Knight, it appears Thassarian raised Lurid from the corpse of a solder of Unit S.
  • Private Brau's claims are further confirmed when it is revealed that Counselor Talbot's plan was to make sure that Thassarian would have never made it back to the keep alive.[7]



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

If Old Man Colburn is right, the unit could have been named from:

While Sentinel Hill does start with S, the town and surrounding area is under the purview of the Westfall Brigade, which joined the Stormwind Army as an official outfit in WotLK and has its own encampment in Grizzly Hills.

Alternatively, its name could be an abbreviation from "strike force" as Counselor Talbot called it.


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