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AllianceBrother Pike
Image of Brother Pike
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 30-60
Class Tidesage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Storm's Wake, Tidesages, Alliance
Location Brennadam, Stormsong Valley; Stormwind Harbor, Stormwind City
Status Alive

Brother Pike is a human tidesage of the Storm's Wake located in Brennadam in Stormsong Valley. He is one of the major characters in the Stormsong Valley storyline, where he works with the Alliance emissary and Taelia to discover the corruption in House Stormsong.


In Stormsong Monastery of Boralus, while seeking more information about the missing Kul Tiran fleet, Brother Alen directed Taelia and the emissary to meet with Brother Pike in Brennadam. Dealing with the guards at the border and then dispersing an angry mob in Brennadam, Taelia met with Brother Pike in hope of finding answers.[1]

Though the tidesage lacked information regarding the fleet's disappearance and Lord Stormsong's absence, he led Taelia and the Alliance emissary to the Addington Shipyards to find it in disarray; plundered by the Stormsong militia and its workers forced into servitude.

After the Shipyards were fully cleared of corrupt Stormsong loyalists, Brother Pike, Taelia, and the rescued worker Samuel Williams regrouped at Port Fogtide.[2] When Samuel charged into the fray seeking vengeance, Taelia sent the emissary to cull the corrupt tidesages in the area and later search for Sam within The Abyssal Melody.[3] Once the ship was destroyed by Brother Pike, the next destination in their mission to liberate Stormsong Valley was the nearby Sagehold.[4]

Brother Pike later reunited with Taelia, Samuel, and the rest of the Storm's Wake, and prepared for a final push towards the Shrine of the Storm. As the group reached the summit to confront Lord Stormsong, Pike witnessed Samuel transform into an n'raqi known as Azshj'thul the Drowned by the crazed Lord. Pleading with whatever shred of humanity may have been left within Samuel, Taelia's words failed to reach him, with Brother Pike informing her that he is lost.[5]

Pike later entered the center of the Shrine of the Storm, where adventurers ended Lord Stormsong's mad schemes.

Katherine Proudmoore sent the Alliance emissary to Pike to help them reach Fate's End to rescue an exiled Jaina Proudmoore.[6] After gathering the required items,[7][8] Pike performed a ritual that summoned a boat of Lost Sailors that took them to Fate's End.[9] Once they arrived, Pike remained with the sailors to act as a beacon to guide the emissary back to shore. He briefly lost track of the emissary when they were pulled into Thros and saw them reappear with the Herald of Gorak Tul.[10] He then sent them back to Katherine to inform her that Jaina was abducted from Fate's End and cast into Thros.[11]

Pike would later attend the ceremony in Boralus where Jaina Proudmoore became the new Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras,[12] representing the Storm's Wake in lieu of the corrupted House Stormsong.

He later accompanied the Alliance army to Nazmir as part of their War Campaign.[13]

Once Kul Tiras formally rejoined the Alliance, Pike was asked by Tandred Proudmoore to work as a tidesage on a newly constructed ship meant as a gift to King Anduin Wrynn. Afterward, he can be found aboard the ship in Stormwind Harbor.


  • Ability mage waterjet.png Water Bolt — Inflicts Frost damage to an enemy.
  • Spell shaman tidalwaves.png Wave Crash — Conjures a wave of water that travels forward, inflicting Frost damage to enemies within a frontal 0 yard rectangle, knocking targets back.


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Objective of



  • I am listening.
  • Tides bless you.
  • The storm awakens in all of us.
  • You have need of me?
  • The depths spoke of your coming.
  • Pester as you wish, the patience of a tidesage is legendary.
  • I have taken vows to maintain peace in these lands. For you, I'm willing to make an exception.
  • Do you hear that? The depths are whispering something to me! It's-it's about you! What's that? Uhuh. I see. They said: stop clicking on Pike you monster! Amazing.
  • We must carry on.
  • Do not forget the fallen.
  • Currents guide you.
  • Fear not the tide's flow.
  • Look always to the sea.


At Harbormaster's Office

We must stop this madness before it is too late.

With the [Gift of N'Zoth]

Gossip I have been given a "gift". Do you know how to remove it?

Something dark is growing within you, <name>.
I can sense the tendrils of N'Zoth burrowing into your mind and soul.
Gossip Is that why I can see N'Zoth's eye on so many people?
You see eyes everywhere?!? This is more dire than I expected.
Do not trust what you are seeing. These "eyes" are surely just N'Zoth's influence within your mind, deceiving you.
At Mariner's Strand

This valley is home to many. We must protect them.

At Tidecross

I will see this valley made whole again, or die trying.

At Path of Storms

Lord Stormsong's time has come.

At Tempest's Edge

This ends here.

During Alliance  [The Pride of Kul Tiras] questline

Time is short and we must work quickly if we are to save Jaina.


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