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Grand Artificer Romuul, leader of the draenei artificers.

Artificers are skilled craftsmen and inventors, blending elements of both science and magic into their creations. While particularly prevalent in draenei society, artificers can also be found among other races. There appears to be a draenei artificer organization known as 'The Artificers,' with Grand Artificer Romuul being the leader of all the draenei artificers, having succeeded Exarch Hataaru in the position.[1] However, the structure and inner workings of this organization remain unknown. It is also unclear if all draenei artificers are part of this group, as artificers have been observed within other draenei organizations, such as the Auchenai.


An arkonite generator created by the artificers on Draenor.

Artificers are the engineers of draenei society, tasked with building armor, weapons, and settlements.[2] They are master crystalworkers, shapers of crystals and gems.[3] The latent powers of the world can be found in every crystal[4] and artificers have techniques which allow them to harness the power inside them.[5] While some artificers prefer to process raw crystals into materials that they can use by themselves, many choose to leave that work to crystalsmiths instead.[6] In their profession they learn that the core material of crystals has amazing potential, but begins as rough and heavily flawed. It is only through careful shaping and nurturing that its potential can truly be reached.[7] Artificers aren't just adept in using the power inside crystals however, they also specialize in imbuing gems with magic.[8] Many artificers can be seen wearing artificing lenses, which allow them to see the energy channels running through the crystals used in their work.[9]

Draenei artificers make frequent use of arkonite crystals. Created by Exarch Hataaru, they serve as conduits of arcane energy which brought light and power to draenei society and also allowed them to build constructs to protect their homes from danger.[2] In Telredor, the artificers were able to construct a network of arkonite crystals that shrouded the temple's presence from the Horde.[10]

When it comes to battle, aside from the arkonite constructs, ballistaes made by artificers are also deployed by the draenei. Artificers are also known to manufacture vigilants, with High Artificer Ataanya doing so for the Auchenai.[1] Originally created by the Wakeners in Argus, vigilants are armored mechanical constructs inhabited by the souls of the greatest warriors of the eredar. They serve as the eternal protectors of the draenei civilization.[11]

The crystals utilized by artificers aren't just used for defensive tools, they have a myriad of functions.[12] Draenic Hologems, for example, are common draenic multitools often used to store teleportation spells and communicate across long distances. Other uses for crystals include storing and transferring data,[13] and in the creation of holographic emitters.[14] Thermocrystals, which can heat themselves to extremely precise temperatures, are used by artificers as soldering tools alongside Empyrium filaments.[15]

The Temple of Karabor, one of the draenei's holiest and most beautiful sites.

Artificers also serve as builders and architects. They are meticulous in their work making sure draenei buildings are made sturdy and up to code.[16] The Artificers built many outposts and cities across Draenor, linking them to the world's arcane ley lines.[17] With Exarch Hataaru himself being the designer and overseer of Shattrath City's construction, as well as the Temple of Karabor and all the other great temples.[1] In Azeroth artificers have been seen working on the Exodar, as well as smaller settlements such as Azure Watch and Forest Song. High Artificer Ataanya recently designed the schematics for a new draenei city, which according to her is going to be even greater than Shattrath.[13]

The Vindicaar is a particularly impressive artificer creation. A space-faring vessel, similar in design to the naaru dimensional ships, created by the draenei of the Exodar[18] in order to return to their homeworld of Argus. Grand Artificer Romuul oversaw and handled its construction.[19] The ship can maintain instant connections to various nearby and distant locations at a given time through the use of beacons. The Vindicaar is also equipped with powerful defensive shields and it would later also acquire a powerful air-to-surface weaponry in the form of Light's Judgment.

Some artificers are warrior engineers, using draenei technology to disable foes long enough for them or someone else to crush them.[20]

Just like warp stalkers, who can warp into other dimensions to hide themselves, a lot of artificer inventions have the same problem of destabilizing the space around them.[21]


The Lightforged draenei of the Army of the Light also count artificers among their ranks, and they have learned much from their fight against the Legion. The Warframes, which are mechanized armor suits used by the Army of the Light, are the culmination of many years of research.[22] They are truly fearsome instruments of war, capable of dealing and withstanding much damage. They are even capable of flight.[23] The Judgment Cores, which are a critical component of the warframes, are said to be the crowning achievement of the Army of the Light's artificers.[24] Other artificer creations utilized by the Lightforged include Lightforged beacons used for teleportation. Bunkers used as drop pods, escape pods, and teleporters. Lightforged shield generators that can be used to guard a small area. And Lightforged Batteries which are siege weapons and can also be used against aerial units. The Light's Judgment, the main canon of the Xenedar and later the Vindicaar is also possibly an artificer creation. The Lightforged use Argunite crystals to power their technology, which was also used by the ancient eredar of Argus.[25]

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