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Death's Stand

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AllianceDeath's Stand
Death's Stand.jpg
Type Outpost
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Language(s) Common
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition, Alliance Vanguard, Alliance
Organizations Knights of the Ebon Blade
Location Borean Tundra, Northrend
Status Active

Death's Stand is an encampment of the Valiance Expedition located near the Wailing Ziggurat in Borean Tundra. It was here that Thassarian, the first of the Alliance death knights, led "Unit S" in a suicide mission to claim the ziggurat, possibly as a base for an attack on Naxxanar and the Temple City of En'kilah. Dusk, Thassarian's demon deathcharger, can be found here as well.

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