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For the specific mob, see Iron Dwarf.
Iron dwarves
Creation Protocol (crop) HS.png
Faction/Affiliation Ulduar (Keepers), Titan-forged (Pantheon of Order)
Iron army (Old Gods' forces)
Character classes Assassin, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Raider, Runemaster, Shaman, Warrior
Racial capital Dun Argol[1]
  Formerly Thor Modan
Racial leader(s) The Keepers
  Formerly  Loken †
 Stormcaller Brundir †
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Titan[2][3]

Iron dwarves, sometimes referred to simply as irons,[4][5] are a type of titan-forged dwarf found in Northrend made of iron and etched with runes of power, with lightning pulsing beneath their thick, metallic skin.[6] They can craft golems and cities made of metal. They are also capable of bending the stone giants to their will by the use of runes, similar to the ones that are etched into their own skin, and used these Runed Giants to wage war on the earthen and the giants of earth and stone.

After being corrupted by the Old God Yogg-Saron, who took control of the titan facility of Ulduar, Keeper Loken churned out entire armies of iron dwarves through the Forge of Wills. Following Loken's death and Yogg-Saron's defeat, they have then re-entered the service of the Keepers as evidenced in Ulduar during the Burning Legion's third invasion. The Ulduar Keepers then allied with Odyn and his Valarjar to combat the demons.



The iron dwarves, like the earthen, were created from the Forge of Wills.

The iron dwarves are a people created by the mad Keeper Loken; he wanted an army to do his bidding and ask no questions.[7]

Thousands of years ago, their capital, Thor Modan, was destroyed by the stone giants.[8] The events surrounding the war are unknown, but the stone giants continue to bombard the city to this day to prevent its rebuilding; thus necessitating the iron dwarves to move to Dun Argol.[9]

They took part in a great war against the earthen where  [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] was shattered.

For thousands of years the imprisoned Old God Yogg-Saron was unable to do more than keeping the Keepers quiet and complacent inside Ulduar. His grasp on them was tenuous, and convincing them to directly help the Old God had proven fruitless in the past. It was not until Cho'gall of the Old God-worshiping Twilight's Hammer clan infiltrated Ulduar and weakened Yogg-Saron's chains that the entity's influence on the Keepers increased, becoming strong as iron. Yogg-Saron commanded Loken to create a new army from the Forge of Wills. In Loken's hands, the forge churned out legions of iron dwarves and vrykul who sought only bloodshed and war.[10]

Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath-Logo-Small.png This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Banner of the Iron dwarves.

At the time of the war against the Lich King, the iron dwarves in Howling Fjord picked fights with both the Alliance and the Horde. They attacked the Explorers' League at Ivald's Ruin[11] and took control of Baelgun's Excavation Site, killing a lot of explorers who got stuck in the middle of the battle.[7] During the infiltration of the Explorers' League, they received orders of Loken: They had to bury the fissures now in order to make silent and blind the earth.[3]

The Grizzly Hills rune-smiths subjugated the Stone Behemoths and set them on the path of Ulduar to free their Father.[3] In addition, the dwarves craftsmen constructed the war golem to stop the stone giants.[12] However, the dwarves of Dun Argol, led by Iron Thane Furyhammer, started a war with the Horde. They won the first fight against them thanks to their iron golems.[13] However, they have been defeated when their creations turned against them.[14] Moreover, Thor Modan was besieged by the stone giants. Taking advantage of the siege, the Horde stole and killed many iron dwarves in the capital.[15] Later, they fell under the attack of stone giants and earthen with the death of many iron dwarves and their leader, Iron Thane Argrum.[16]

In the Storm Peaks, the iron dwarves took the Forge of Wills, Loken created an even larger army from scratch,[17] and expelled the earthen from Ulduar.[18] A party of them was looking for  [Norgannon's Core]. They started by tracking Brann Bronzebeard into the frostborn territories, declaring war with them.[19] Later, they assaulted the Frigid Tomb and the Foot Steppes but were stopped by the frostborn. Finally, they killed the keeper, Creteus, but didn't obtain Norgannon's Core.[20] Another party, led by Valduran the Stormborn, was at war with the Dolomite Giants in Snowdrift Plains. In addition, they used three forges to construct an Iron Colossus. A coalition of adventurers and earthen defeated them and killed Valduran. Overseer Narvir stole The Heart of the Storm and gave life to the Iron Colossus.[21] However, their creation has been defeated thank to jormungars' acid.[22]

The iron dwarves were part of Ulduar's "primary defensive emplacements".[23] Moreover, they occupied the Antechambers of Ulduar in order to defend the Iron Council. So, they defended Ulduar during the siege and helped Razorscale to fight the adventurers. Many of them have been defeated during the invasion of Ulduar and their delegate inside the Iron Council, Stormcaller Brundir, has been defeated.

Despite the defeat of both Loken and Yogg-Saron, there were still many iron troops throughout Northrend. Consequently, both Thorim and Mimiron were looking for a way to "fix" them.[24]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The Iron dwarves became a part of Ulduar's titanforged defenses after the downfall of Yogg Saron.

By the time of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth, the iron dwarves have been integrated into Ulduar's defensive systems, serving the Keepers alongside the iron vrykul, the earthen, the frost giants and the mechagnomes.[25] When Odyn attempted to unify the titan-forged, they were defending Ulduar against the demons. After the end of the siege, Dvalen Ironrune joined the Valarjar alongside the Battlelord.[26]

Exploring Azeroth: Northrend

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

During their travels through Northrend, the brothers Bronzebeard made note of the status of the iron dwarves. Thor Modan is still a ruin, the war with the stone giants and their earthen servants having continued on; even though the iron dwarves themselves have since joined with the titanic keepers and work with other factions of earthen. The defenses of Ulduar are noted to be still operational, watching over the defeated Yogg-Saron. The facility is still under repair from the previous Legion attack.[27]

The iron dwarves maintain some presence at the Halls of Stone, with one being questioned by the Bronzebeard brothers as to the journey of their ancestor, Mina Stormsmith. The nameless iron dwarf claimed to have been present when Mina Stormsmith arrived 500 years ago; recanting the tale to them of how Sjonnir The Ironshaper attempted to have her destroyed. She came here to ask them to have her deceased brother "remade", but they refused and tried to kill her, as she was of flesh and therefore weak in their eyes. She fought wave after wave of iron dwarves until her axe shattered, but a spirit arrived in a wave of blinding light to save her from death. She then took up her broken weapon and fought her way out of Ulduar.[28]

The iron dwarves remain steadfast as well within the Halls of Lightning, where a female iron dwarf has been appointed as the new overseer of the Iron Crucible with Volkhan's demise. She was noted by Brann Bronzebeard to be far more informative and talkative than the hostile fire giant had been.[29]


Their iron skins are etched with runes—and they use those runes to practice some powerful magic, including making rune golems.[7]


Stormcaller Brundir, former general of the iron dwarves in Yogg-Saron's name.
Name Role Status Location
Mob  Binder Murdis Leader of the iron dwarf forces at Giants' Run Killable Giants' Run, Howling Fjord
Neutral  Dvalen Ironrune Defender of Ulduar, joins the Valarjar after being saved by the Battlelord Alive Various
Mob  Forgemaster Damrath Forgemaster of Thor Modan Killable Thor Modan, Grizzly Hills
Mob  Iron Thane Argrum Ruler of Thor Modan Killable Thor Modan, Grizzly Hills
Mob  Iron Thane Furyhammer Thane of Dun Argol Killable Dun Argol, Grizzly Hills
Mob  Overseer Narvir Guardian of the the Heart of the Storm Killable Uldis, Storm Peaks
Boss  Stormcaller Brundir Member of the Assembly of Iron, general of the iron dwarf forces in the iron army Killable The Assembly of Iron, Ulduar
Mob  Stormforged Monitor Looking for  [Norgannon's Core] Killable Frostgrip's Hollow, Storm Peaks
Mob  Tracker Thulin Stole  [Brann's Communicator] from the Abandoned Camp Killable Frosthowl Cavern, Storm Peaks
Mob  Valduran the Stormborn Commander of the Stormforged Killable Nidavelir, Storm Peaks