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Cats are carnivorous predators that usually hunt by sneaking up on their prey to pounce upon it. They vary in size from a few pounds to several hundred pounds, and most wild felines can kill prey considerably larger than themselves. Only a few species of cat are strong swimmers.[citation needed]  Smaller cats also appear in the World of Warcraft, they are domesticated felines, often called house cats.

A type of large cat called a saber is also the night elf racial mount.

Tigon, tol'vir and saberon are cat-like humanoids.


Cat species

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.


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The saber mounts are bought in Darnassus and in the Argent Tournament except for the Wintersaber, Zulian Tiger and Spectral Tiger.

Mount Name Availability Required riding skill Required Level
Spotted Frostsaber  [Reins of the Spotted Frostsaber] 1g Riding (75) 20
Striped Frostsaber  [Reins of the Striped Frostsaber] 1g Riding (75) 20
Striped Nightsaber  [Reins of the Striped Nightsaber] 1g Riding (75) 20
Striped Dawnsaber  [Reins of the Striped Dawnsaber] 1g Riding (75) 20
Spectral Tiger  [Reins of the Spectral Tiger] Trading Card Game Riding (75) 20
Swift Frostsaber  [Reins of the Swift Frostsaber] 10g Riding (150) 40
Swift Mistsaber  [Reins of the Swift Mistsaber] 10g Riding (150) 40
Swift Stormsaber  [Reins of the Swift Stormsaber] 10g Riding (150) 40
Black War Tiger  [Reins of the Black War Tiger] PVP Riding (150) 40
Darnassian Nightsaber  [Darnassian Nightsaber] 100 Champion's Seal Riding (150) 40
Swift Moonsaber  [Swift Moonsaber] 5 Champion's Seal 500g Riding (150) 40
Winterspring Frostsaber  [Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber] Rivern Frostwind Riding (75) 40
Swift Spectral Tiger  [Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger] Trading Card Game Riding (150) 40
Swift Zulian Tiger  [Swift Zulian Tiger] No longer attainable
Ancient Frostsaber  [Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber] No longer attainable
Nightsaber  [Reins of the Nightsaber] No longer attainable

As a companion pet

As a hunter pet

Inv misc fish 24.png Inv misc food 18.png
Basic Special Exotic Bonus
Ability druid rake.png Ability hunter catlikereflexes.png Ability druid supriseattack.png
  • Their appealing looks, commonness throughout the game, and variety make them a popular choice. Their [Prowl] ability works well with a night elf hunter's [Shadowmeld]. They also hold the honor of being the only Hunter pet to have two unique pet abilities, rather than the usual one.

Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): House cat model updated.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Ability changes.
    [Rake] replaced by [Roar of Courage].
  • Wrath-Logo-Small.png Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Bonuses equalized.
    Damage had a +10% bonus and now has +5% bonus.
    Armor had no bonus and now has a +5% bonus.

  • Wrath-Logo-Small.png Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Major changes.
    [Bite] ability removed and replaced by Rake.
    Health had a -2% penalty and now has +5% bonus.

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