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Corpseflies are giant flies native to Maldraxxus. They are strongly attracted to the smell of corpses and will swarm an active battlefield as soon as the first combatant falls.[1] They were once found throughout their home realm, but many died out during the anima drought. With the anima flows restored, the corpseflies are now swarming once again.[2] Their eggs end up everywhere in Maldraxxus and are easily transported by accident, so some specimens have appeared in Korthia as well.[3]



As a mount

Main article: Corpsefly mounts
BlizzConline preview image of corpsefly mounts.

As a companion pet

Wild Corpseflies can be captured in pet battles in Korthia.

As a hunter pet

Corpseflies are tamable by hunters as part of the wasp family.


  • Corpseflies use the same animations as bees.