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Not to be confused with Pterrordax.
A yellow skyscreamer
Classification Dinosaur
Homeworld Azeroth
Environment Islands
Area(s) Isle of Giants, Isle of Thunder
Organization(s) Packs

Skyscreamers[1][2] (also known as pterodactyls[3] and pterrorwings)[4][5][6][7][8] are large, flying pterosaurs found on the Isle of Giants. Many of them were tamed by the Zandalari trolls and brought to the Isle of Thunder to be used as aerial companions and mounts during their conflict with the Alliance and Horde. Skyscreamers are immune to lightning.[9]

During the Zandalari Troll Wars, the Zandalari employed a form of warfare none had ever seen, descending into battle on the backs of pterrorwings and giant bats. The pandaren had no counter to these aerial attacks until the founding of the Order of the Cloud Serpent.[4]



As a mount

Main article: Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer

The  [Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer] is a reward from the achievement  [Glory of the Thundering Raider].


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