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Dragonkin (or dragonkind) are all creatures descended from and including dragons.[1] Nearly all dragonkin belong to one of the main or lesser dragonflights.

Many in Azeroth erroneously believe that the many physical similarities shared by dragonspawn, drakonids, dracthyr, and ordered dragons mean that they hold a shared lineage. However, the warriors and servants who aid the dragonflights bear no direct descendance from dragons themselves. Instead, they are humanoids who were altered to serve the needs of their respective flights. So while the same type of Order magic may have been the catalysts for their startling transformations, abilities, and longevity, these devoted guardians of the dragonflights are still of mortal birth. There are also various dragonlike species drawn from the Emerald Dream and the vibrant titan enclaves that gave rise to the vast diversity of life on Azeroth. Though creatures such as faerie dragons and dragonhawks also bear many striking similarities to ordered dragons, neither is truly related to dragonkind.[2]

In World of Warcraft, the term dragonkin can also refer to a category that includes specifically dragonspawn and drakonid. See dragonspawn speculation.


  • Reptilian and almost always have a tail.
  • Scaly skin that is usually skinnable.
    • Dragon scales often have magical properties and are highly valuable to craftsmen.
  • Have sharp claws.
  • Semi-intelligent to very intelligent.
  • Some can fly and usually have bat-like wings in that case.
  • Some have a breath-weapon.
  • Some have special abilities and can cast spells.
  • Most are susceptible to the druid's [Hibernate] ability.





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