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Dune Worm.jpg
A giant sand worm in Hearthstone.

Sand worms (or bursters)[1] are huge worm-like creatures found on both Azeroth and Outland. These worms have burrowing claws growing from the upper body that enable the beasts to dig through most kinds of soil with frightening speed, often surprising unwary prey by bursting up through the ground beneath the creature and killing it with its sharp beak-like mouth. Often times they can be spotted due to the rumbling of the ground above them. Young sand worms seem to be unable to tunnel and also lack the characteristic claws.

The massive worm Ouro was the first sand worm to be encountered by the heroes of Azeroth, but more and more have since appeared throughout the world.

Notable sand worms



  • Whilst underground, sand worms cannot be targeted. This means that you will most likely not get the opening move if you run into one — no ambush, pounce, charge, or uninterrupted starfire/shadowbolt/fireball, since you'll already be in combat if you can target it.
  • In the RPG, sand worms were first noted to appear in the Tanaris desert.[2] Sand worms did not appear in World of Warcraft's Tanaris until the addition of the Dune Worm with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.


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Dune worms from Warcraft III may be sand worms.