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For the wind serpents found on Island Expeditions, see Razorwing (Island Expeditions).

Razorwings are wyvern-like flying beasts native to Korthia and mainly found at the Windswept Aerie.[1] They are solitary predators who are feared for their grisly hunting tactics: they swoop down on unsuspecting prey and savagely eviscerate them.[2] Their boney beaks can snap through armor[3] and their powerful claws have been known to perforate even the strongest equipment.[4] Their spines are thin, hollow, and needle-like.[5] Their hides are light, allowing them to fly, but also quite tough, which allowed them to survive Korthia's arrival to the Maw.[6] Razorwings make their nests on high hills and in trees.[7] They sometimes abandon their own eggs by knocking them out of their nests.[8] They generally stay away from other Korthian species, but they can be tamed with time and patience.[9]

Notable specimens and types

As a mount

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  • In early PTR builds, they were also called slitherwings or saberwings.
  • Razorwings use the same animation skeleton as wyverns.