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A marsuul cub in Hearthstone.

Marsuul are small creatures native to Argus. Most marsuul feed on fruit, but the  [Felclaw Marsuul] prefers the juicy crunch of small rodents.[1] They lay eggs[2] and like to be petted behind the fins.[3]



As a companion pet

As a hunter pet

Main article: Rodent#As a hunter pet

Marsuul are tamable by hunters as part of the rodent family, along with porcupines.


- We finished the space weasel, what do we call the model?
- I don't know, space weasel?
- We also made a fel one.
- A fel weasel? Heh, it's a Feasel.
- Heh.
- Heheh.
*moments later, Jeremy gets an email about new art assets and sighs heavily*