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Wilderlings (or wolf serpents)[1][2] are benevolent and magical flying creatures of Ardenweald.[3] They have sinuous fur-covered bodies with antlered wolf heads and are drawn to strong, pure souls.[3] In battle, they act as support units by preserving their allies and disabling enemy magics.[4] When anima once again began flowing to Ardenweald's distant forests, the wilderlings cautiously emerged from their canopy burrows.[5]


As a mount

All wilderling mounts are exclusive to members of the Night Fae Covenant.

Notes and trivia

BlizzConline preview image of wilderling mounts.
  • During the initial announcement of patch 9.1 at BlizzConline, it was stated that wolf serpents would be reawakened from wildseeds that had been thought lost to the anima drought,[1] implying that they were originally intended to be the souls of Wild Gods from mortal worlds. Their in-game mount descriptions make no mention of this and instead present them as native Ardenweald creatures who live in canopies.[5]
  • Just like cloud serpents, wilderlings resemble traditional depictions of Chinese and other East Asian dragons. They also resemble the dragon Falkor from The NeverEnding Story and Haku from Spirited Away.


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