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Flayedwings[1] (also known as death chimaera)[2] are winged, rylak-like beasts found in Maldraxxus. They are a necessary force in the cycle of life for the Shadowlands, acting as both prey and predator for the harsh environment of Maldraxxus.[3]

Harkless acts as a captain of a flayedwing group.


As a mount

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As a hunter pet

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Flayedwings are tamable by hunters as part of the chimaera family.


  • Flayedwings were designed by artist Cody Harder to fit in with the "heavy metal" aesthetic of the rest of Maldraxxus. He gave the creatures a long dark mane resembling a metalhead's hair as well as sharp jutting bones to give them an "extra-aggressive feel". However, it was important to him to have the bones represent a realistic skeletal structure and not simply stick out in every direction. For example, the spike on the flayedwing's underbelly is modeled after the large and sharp sternum possessed by real-world birds.[4]