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Wolfhawks are large, carnivorous flying mammals which, as the name implies, resembles a wolf-hawk hybrid. They come in three known colors: brown-green, grey-red, and cinnamon-blue. The spirit of a great wolfhawk named Haukenulfnir, who stalked the wilds when the world was new, dwells in the Fields of the Eternal Hunt in the Halls of Valor.[1]

Three named wolfhawks (Kveldulfnir, Mavarnir, and Varoudnir) live in caves in the southern cost of the Eye of Azshara.


As a mount

As a hunter pet

Main article: Feathermane

Wolfhawks are tamable by hunters as part of the Feathermane family. In order to tame Feathermanes, hunters must purchase the  [Tome of the Hybrid Beast] from Pan the Kind Hand at Trueshot Lodge at a cost of 1000 Order Resources.


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