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Faction/Affiliation Green dragonflight
Racial leader(s)  Alystros the Verdant Keeper
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Emerald Dream, Emerald Dragonshrine, Stonetalon Mountains
Art for Talasite Owl in the TCG, and Emerald Skytalon in Hearthstone.

Skytalons are a type of owl-like emerald bird associated with the green dragonflight and the Emerald Dream. When Ysera was asked by Nishera the Garden Keeper to aid in the fight against the Scourge in Dragonblight, she misunderstood, instead telling the defenders of the Emerald Dragonshrine, including skytalons, to treat those not of the green dragonflight as enemies.[1] The Emerald Dragonshrine skytalons are led by Alystros the Verdant Keeper, an immense skytalon who is the one in charge of the Dragonshrine's aerial defenses.[2] It appears that skytalons are reborn shortly after being killed.[2][3]

Jade is naturally rich with life and color, making it the perfect raw material for the gentle jade owl. It is said the wind created by their wings can soothe the troubled mind.[4]



As a companion pet

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As a hunter pet

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