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Pandaren phoenixes.

A pandaren phoenix (or ancestral phoenix[1]) is a large, flying bird native to Pandaria.

The mogu appear to have their own breed of phoenixes, as phoenixes such as Ji-Kun and her brood only appear in their presence; possibly a flesh-shaped or feral breed. Ha-Li appears to be another phoenix of this type.

Shadowclaws are very finicky and won't eat some types of sweet fruit.[2]




As a mount

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As a companion pet

Notes and trivia

  • The appearance of Ji-Kun and her brood is based on the bearded vulture.
  • They appear to be based on the fenghuang, a legendary bird in Chinese mythology that is sometimes called the "Chinese phoenix".
  • While not referred to by name as phoenixes, Ji-Kun, her arena, her audio files, and several other internal files refer to her and her brood as phoenixes. The Ji-Kun Hatchling pet explicitly includes a reference to the cultural importance of phoenixes.
  • The teroclaw species reuses the models of Ji-Kun and her brood.