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For the critter, see Crawg (critter).
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Crawgs are beasts found in Nazmir on Zandalar. They are mostly found accompanying blood trolls. The blood trolls create crawgs by corrupting the tadpoles of Krag'wa, the frog loa, with their blood magic.[1] Despite the corruption, he still cares about their safety even if he cannot remove the corruption.[2][3]

The horns of a crawg grow at a tremendous rate starting almost immediately after they are born, and is among the hardest of natural materials found on a living species.[4]



As a mount

As a companion pet

As a hunter pet


  • Crawgs are similar to the squigs found among the ranks of orcs and orks in the Warhammer game settings.
  • They also bear a vague resemblance to the rancors from the Star Wars franchise. The crawg Rohnkor and its troll keeper Mala'kili specifically are a reference to the caretaker of Jabba the Hutt's rancor and other creatures in Return of the Jedi, Malakili.

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