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Sea snail

Snails are slimy,[1] shelled molluscs.[2] Most are tiny and harmless, but some types are monstrously large.

Silkbead snails hide in their shell to escape the claws of nearby crabs.[3] Shimmershell snails hunt for food just below the water's surface on the coast of Darkshore.[4] Rapana whelks have been spotted fighting other whelks for prime food sources.[5] Freshwater snails are sometimes cooked up and eaten as an exotic meal by the Forsaken.[6]

Magma snails are located on the Dragon Isles, mostly found in the Waking Shores.


A snail in Hearthstone.


As a companion pet


  • Prior to Cataclysm, snails were previously only referenced in the form of empty shells found off mobs and via Fishing, as well as being seen as part of the landscape in some underwater areas. Snails made their first appearance as attackable creatures in Cataclysm.
  • The  [Gastropod Shell] toy has a chance to drop from Gastropods in the Throne of Thunder and briefly summons Jerry the Snail.