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For the species with the same name, see Arcane Wyrm. For similar looking creatures, see mana wyrm.

Arcane wyrms are floating, serpentine creatures, suffused with arcane energy. They appear similar in shape to mana wyrms but are much larger and more sinuous. They may indeed be related to mana wyrms, which also have an affinity for arcane magic, although the former have been classed as dragonkin or elementals, while the latter are classed consistently as beasts.

Their essences can be used by mages to gain mana.[1]


An arcane wyrm in World of Warcraft.


  • Arcane wyrms use the model that was originally intended The Burning Crusade expansion, as can be seen in its first official trailer where it's shown after mentioning nether dragons, meaning that in early stages of the development the model was potentially intended for nether dragons which was later changed, and the arcane wyrm model was not used at all in WoW's first expansion. Arcane wyrms appeared for the first time in Wrath of the Lich King.

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