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For the mob, see Shoveltusk (mob).

Shoveltusk, also called shovelhorn,[1] are big neutral mammals that can be found in the Howling Fjord and the Grizzly Hills in Northrend. They are easily recognizably by their large antlers and tusks. Shoveltusk have been described as being "moose-like"[2] or as a cross between a boar and a stag.[3]

Sometimes one can see two stags in a fight, ramming into each other with their horns. It is also not uncommon to see worgs run up to and slaughter them.


The powerful and ferocious shoveltusk are easily identified by the massive curved antler which protrudes from their heads and the twin sloping tusks that extend from their jaw. The moose-like beasts use their tusks primarily to dig for food, whereas the antler makes for a fearsome ramming weapon in contests to establish dominance over other males. The shoveltusk are territorial and will protect their feeding grounds with deadly force. Adventurers traveling in Northrend would be wise to avoid these cantankerous and unpredictable beasts.[2]

Steaks made from shoveltusk meat are beloved by magic users, who claim it gives them just a little bit of an edge in casting their spells.[3]



As a hunter pet

Main article: Oxen

Shoveltusks are tamable by hunters as part of the Oxen family, along with yaks and musken.



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