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Not to be confused with Panthran tribe.

The panthara are cat-like beasts from Argus. They have scales covered in mana-sensitive particulate.[1] They are solitary creatures and devour energy to survive.[2] Energetic apex hunters of Argus, the panthara hunt by sensing the energy within living things. A panthara approaching a powerful energy source will visibly change color and become more excited.[3] They change color based on mood.[4] The  [Luminous Starseeker] demonstrates the ability to grow feathery wings, but no other panthara have been seen doing this.


A Duskcloak Panthara in World of Warcraft.


As a mount

 [Luminous Starseeker] is available for purchase from the In-Game Store.

As a companion pet

 [Twilight] is available for purchase from the In-Game Store.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Cat#As a Hunter pet

Panthara are tamable by hunters as part of the cat family. Panthara will normally resist attempts to tame them. In order to tame successfully,  [Fresh Talbuk Meat] that rarely drops from talbuks on Argus must be thrown at them when they are not in combat in order to distract them.